Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day..

Well today is Election Day. It is crazy how long this election has seemed.. Honestly, I am quite ready for it all to be over with!

This weekend Drew and I have my cousin, Kelly's, Wedding in Austin! I am really excited to get to see family and for her wedding, she is three years older than me and I have always looked up to her! I know it will be a beautiful wedding!

We still have not gotten engagement pictures back yet..should be soon though! I went home to pick up my dress last weekend and try it on, it is beautiful and I just did not want to take it off :) Drew and I have also started pre-marital training. At our church here, Grace Bible, they do it in pairs. So we have a couple that is married that we meet with. Our pastor wanted us to do something here since he is in Houston and it would be hard to meet very reguarly. I really am glad our couple is very sweet and we have a lot in common with them! They have been married 26 years and are so sweet to guide us and let us hear about things they have learned. It is a great reminder to know what marriage is really about. As Drew and I were preparing for class the other night I was remembering how I used to always think about the day when I would have a husband to lead me and to walk along side of me. We are both so excited to get to be a team together, and to see what God has in store for us!