Monday, January 12, 2009

Time flies..

Well, obviously I have not done such a great job with keeping up with this blog. I am sure there are more updates than I could ever think of, but here is a quick re-cap:
- I have started student teaching, I am in College Station and working in the 1st grade. I love it and am learning a ton everyday!
-Drew will be starting his last semester of school next week, he only has a few hours left and is ready to get started so he can finish!
-My best friend is almost one month away from getting married.. (feb 28) that is INSANE.. I am so excited for her and still in total disbelief that time has flown by! She has moved into her and Ryan's new apartment to live there alone until they get married, it is so precious and makes me so excited for when I get to have a home with Drew, and be a wife :)
-Our holiday season was great and included driving across I am sure it will every year! We got to spend Christmas in Holliday, Houston, and Seguin (Drew's Lakehouse) and see all of our family pretty much, so that was great!
-Wedding stuff is going well, with only about 4 months left I know I need to do a LOT of things...but student teaching is keeping me VERY busy right now!
... All in all 2009 has been great so far, and I know it is only going to get more exciting as I get to see my best friend get married, start having showers, and wrap up last minute details with our wedding! Drew and I are so excited for May 23, but also really trying to savor our last semester at A&M and life with a few less responsibilities for the last time :)