Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wes Patrick- Months 13.14 & 15

Stats from 15 Month Well Visit on 12/3/13
 Length: 32 inches long (76%)
 Weight:  20 pounds, 5.5 oz (27%)
Head Circumference:  18 3/4 inches (72%)Diapers: Size 4
Clothes:   12-18 Months. Most pants are big on you though since you are so skinny!
*getting attention from momma and daddy. 
*singing songs and clapping
*your paci and your blankie, especially if you are upset or sleepy
* new toys
*being outside, you cry everytime we try to bring you back inside
*being tickled and playing on "pillow mountain" before bedtime
*hearing your voice echo, you will start making these funny noises when we are in a place that echos to hear your voice. There is also a tunnel at our neighborhood park that you love to walk through and hear your voice echo.
*You love Lucy, she gets WAY more snuggles than Daddy or I!

*Being told "no"
*When strangers tell you "hi" You usually start crying..
*When someone takes a toy from you, you get upset. You are a sensitive soul.
*Sitting Still, haha, you are an active little boy!

New Things:
*a little bit after you turned 13 months you started walking everywhere, you walk like a pro now and are really good at walking down (small) steps and going up them. You LOVE for your daddy to play chase with you.
*You are a man of few words :) you say: mama, dada, yummy, uh-oh, hi, and I think you are starting to say "up" sometimes. You use sign language to say "all done" and "more"
*You love to clap, anytime you hear a song you start clapping after it is over. You also love to wave hi and bye but the bye is usually delayed and the people are already gone.

You take one nap a day and it ranges from 1 hour to 2 hours depending on how tired you are I guess. It usually starts around 1 pm. You go to bed around 8 or 8:30 and wake up around 7. Sometimes you wake up at 5 am but (usually) I can get you to go back to sleep (Thank Goodness!)

Eating:  You eat just about anything we are eating. You love to feed yourself with a spoon and a fork. You also like to dip your food if we are (ketchup, etc.). Your favorite foods are: Hot dogs, black beans, avocado,  strawberries, french fries, peaches, oranges, bananas, donut holes (haha), mac and cheese, peas.

Pictures from this month:
At your 12 month well visit appointment.

Wearing your Aggie clothes

Holding a picture of your little sister (although at this point we did not know she was a "she")

You are silly but also shy. When we are in public you sometimes cry when people acknowledge you.

You LOVE going to the children's museum

At Grammy and Pa's new house.. it is ALMOST finished!

Loved these jammies.

When we found out you were getting a baby sister

at first you could care less about the balloons but then you had fun with them.

Rich was playing dominoes with grandmaw and you and bella decided to "help"

Your big cousin is very sweet to you.

pumpkin patch!


You and Lucy were both Lions for Halloween. You loved trick or treating but did not understand why you couldn't go inside all the houses. It was funny-- they would give you candy and you would just start to walk inside.

Turkey Jammies

You are looking like such a toddler these days.. no more baby boy.

black beans.. you love them Wes!

playing with momma at the children's museum

You love this car toy that Rich and Bella gave you.

You and Bella watching baby Einstein at Thanksgiving

Wes Patrick,
You are all toddler these days. It is amazing to watch you watch us do something and then immediately try to do it yourself.  You are quite shy-- we are not sure where you got that. And you are pretty sensitive. You love to be outside and explore new places and things, but like to know that momma and daddy are close by.  You will go places alone that you are familiar with (you no longer cry when being dropped off at the nursery for church).  We are really having to start telling you "no" and it is quite obvious  that you often still do it anyways.  It can be tough and tiring sometimes when you continue to test our limits.  It is hard sometimes to see you so upset but at the same time I know that it is just part of learning.  You are learning new things everyday!  We love you so much and it is so hard to imagine that soon you will have a baby sister. We are super excited to meet Addie but are also soaking up our days of just putting all of our time and energy into you.  We love you so so much sweet boy, more than we every new was even impossible.
Momma and Daddy

Monday, November 4, 2013

Bump update- halfway there!

November 4, 2013
21 weeks

I still have this horrible gag reflux that I have never had in my life.. Usually only happens when something smells really horrible (Wes' dirty diapers!) 
I'm sleeping great but waking up at least two times to go to the bathroom, I quickly fall back asleep though so that's nice! 

Crushed ice
Peanut butter/banana sandwiches
Chick fil a sandwich with 100 pickles

Addie is a kicker. She almost always seems to be laying breech and kicks at my lower abdomen, like on my panty line low! She also moves all around at night when I first lay down, around 9. Drew felt her for the first time about 2 weeks ago and now he feels her pretty much every night. She seems to move so much more than Wes did! Anytime I'm sitting on the ground playing with him and I have my legs up, like with my knees near my chest, she kicks like crazy.. I think because she is squished, haha! 

Best Moment:
Pretty much anytime someone asks me what I am having and I say "girl", it still seems surreal! I guess since I already have a boy it's hard to imagine anything else, but I'm so excited for all this girly business :) 

Looking Forward to:
March.. So I can meet my Addie Grace :) no,
Obviously I am excited to meet her but I'm really enjoying this pregnancy. This could possibly be my last time to be pregnant so I'm soaking up every kick and movement. 

Bump Picture, week 19 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It's a... GIRL!

We found out on Monday that we are having a girl. It was so much fun to find out by opening the box of pink balloons. I really had felt like it was a girl since my pregnancy symptoms have been so different than they were with Wes. But, at the same time I just couldn't really imagine seeing a box of pink balloons and getting to buy bows, leggings, bloomers. :) We went to the sonogram and saw Addie first (but didn't know that she was in fact a she) it's so fun watching that sweet baby move all around. At one point when we got a good profile shot drew and I both looked at each other and said "she has Wes' nose!" Obviously it's hard to tell but it really looks like his sweet little nose. I love it!  The sonogram tech was so sweet and funny, she turned off the wall monitor when she went to see the gender to make sure we couldn't peek :) we are so excited and feel so blessed! We can hardly wait for March to be here and to see Addie Grace Pennywell. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bump Update- Weeks 13-16

October 2, 2013
16 weeks 3 days


nausea/ morning sickness: This is pretty much gone but this pregnancy has made me GAG all the time. I thought that would go away after the first trimester but no.. I am still gaging when I smell something bad, brush my teeth, etc.  It is super weird because I NEVER did this before I was pregnant. And I didn't do it with my first pregnancy. I am hoping it passes after this baby is born.
tired: Well, I was really starting to get my energy back in Weeks 14 & 15.. then last Friday I caught a horrible stomach bug .. I ended up in the ER saturday night because I was dehydrated. This really wore me out and I am feeling pretty sleepy again. Hopefully I get my energy back soon.
hungry : Well, obviously the stomach virus took away my appetite but it is (Slowly) Returning. I am still a little cautious about what I eat and upsetting my stomach.
emotional: Oh goodness... I cry at the drop of a hat. Not like sobbing, just little tears streaming down my face. It is quite ridiculous. haha :)

Not so many cravings (especially not "fun" ones) Since I had a tummy bug. But,
Crushed Ice (I could eat sonic ice ALL DAY LONG)
Gatorade (Glacier Freeze, its light blue, and delicious)
Yesterday I craved Green Bean Casserole.. so we had that with our dinner :)

Best Moment:
Really feeling those little baby flutters this week (Week 16) From what I can remember, this baby moves a lot more than Wes did!  Mostly I feel it at night when I lay down. It is just the coolest feeling.
Hearing that sweet heartbeat at the ER. I knew that my tummy bug shouldn't affect baby but I was feeling so terrible (and rather emotional) and I just lost it when the nurse (finally) found that heart beat with the doppler. There really is no sweeter sound.

Looking Forward to:
13 days people, 13. Pink or Blue? I can hardly stand it.
Our sonogram is at 1:30, afterwards I will take the envelope to Drew's cousin, Nicole. She will go get a box filled with pink or blue balloons. Then, we will meet her for pictures (She is a photographer), this is when we will find out if Wes is getting a baby brother or a baby sister. I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it.
Yeah, I will need some MAJOR waterproof mascara for that day.
Either way, this pregnancy is going by fast and I am super excited to meet Wes' sibling. I keep wondering if they will look alike, if I will have another baby with that sweet, light blonde hair.. or maybe a red head.. only time will tell!

Bump Picture, week 16: 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Bump Update- First Trimester Review

Well, now that the secret is out I really want to try to write at least every few weeks about this pregnancy so I can remember things. It is fun to look back at my posts about my last pregnancy and compare/contrast things.
Pregnancy Information:

September 9, 2013
13 Weeks
Today officially marks the beginning of the 2nd trimester (WOOHOO!) I am so relieved that the beginning is over. I am going to write about my first trimester today.

This pregnancy has been SO different from my pregnancy with Wes. I found out I was pregnant when I was almost 6 weeks. My only real reason I thought "I might be pregnant" was because I was exhausted and taking naps everyday.  I decided to test just in case and those 2 blue lines showed up IMMEDIATELY.  I told Drew and we both felt: happy, surprised, shocked, excited.
haha :)  I really couldn't believe I was pregnant, it was harder to believe than when I got pregnant with Wes because we weren't trying and I wasn't expecting it.
nausea/ morning sickness: Around week 8 I really started feeling morning sickness.. all. day. long. I started gagging all the time to smells and just not feeling good. Thankfully, I never really would throw up I would just feel pretty crummy all day long. This finally started getting a little better around week 10, and is almost non-existent now (week 12)
tired: I have also been SUPER tired, and have been taking full advantage of Wes' naptime! I have started to get my energy back the past week and am really excited about that! As much as I have enjoyed napping at naptime it will be nice to be able to get things done.
hungry : I noticed my appetite increasing around week 9 and have really made myself eat snacks even when it does NOT sound appetizing. I find that usually I will start to feel better a bit after eating (a small snack) even if I don't feel like it. I also have found if I didn't get too full at meals it helped me not feel as nauseous.
emotional: A symptom I really didn't experience with Wes.. this has been a new ballgame! I cry so easily! One night I was crying and laughing at the same time and Drew asked me "Are you crying or are you laughing?" and I said "I don't even know!" haha. At least I can recognize that I am being overly emotional and usually calm myself down.

Something about pregnancy.. makes food taste SO good. haha :)  Some of these have been the same as with Wes!
Chick Fil A chicken sandwich (With extra pickles.. like 20)
Ice water with Lemon (crushed ice)
bananas with peanut butter
garlic bread

Best Moment:
Well, out of the whole first trimester I would say the best moment was seeing baby (again) last week. I actually have already had 3 sonograms. I went to my old OB the day after I found out I was pregnant and she did a sonogram (I was almost 6 weeks) we saw baby and the heartbeat but it was slow (she was not concerned since it was so early) Then at 9.5 weeks I saw my new OB (My old OB is sadly not delivering right now, she has little kids and wants to be at home more). She recommended my new OB and they are very similar so I am glad I like her too :) I still miss Dr. Blackwell though! Anyways, my new OB, Dr. Leah, did a sonogram and we saw baby at 9.5 weeks. Then, at 11 weeks I went back to my new OB and saw a tech who preformed a end of first trimester ultrasound. This one was much more detailed and I LOVED watching that sweet baby move all around. She said our baby is REALLY into sucking their thumb :) It was so cute it just kept putting that thumb in it's mouth.

Another great moment.. over the past weekend I started feeling those little flutters. I was unsure at first but now know for sure that is what it is. It feels so awesome and I am just so grateful to the Lord for this sweet little baby.

Looking Forward to:
In about a month we will find out if baby is a BOY or a GIRL! Woohoo.. I am so so ready to know!

And here is a Week 12 bump picture. This baby bump is growing FAST.

Dear Wes- 12 months

12 Months Old: August 25, 2013
 Length: 31 3/4 inches long
 Weight:  20 pounds, 7 ounces
Head Circumference:
Diapers: Size 3, about to start 4 when we run out of 3s 
Clothes:   Most onesies and rompers you are 12/18 months. PJ's are 12-18  months. 12 Month shorts
*being held by Mama.. you are going through a stage where you ALWAYS want me.
*walking behind any walking toy - this is all you do!
*Walking on your own-you only do it when we are on the floor ready to catch you, so far the most you have taken is about 12 steps at once.
*You love to point, and then make noises. It has made it easier to know what you want!

New Things:
*walking on own (only when we are on the floor with you)
*pointing at everything
*always wanting Mama...
*You are becoming such a snuggler. You will just crawl over for a snuggle from me or daddy and you always go over to Lucy and snuggle her.
*You are getting your molars, your gums have been very swollen on top and bottom.

You officially dropped your 2nd nap this month. You take one nap around 12:30 and usually sleep an hour and a half.  Occasionally you sleep 2 hours if you are very tired. You go to bed at 8:00 and wake up usually between 7:00-7:30 sometimes you wake up crying once a night and I think its from your molars.

Eating:  The week after your birthday we stopped giving you a bottle. I just started offering a sippy cup before your nap and you seemed a little confused but took it fine. The next night I started doing it at bedtime too. You are drinking whole milk and you took the switch just fine! I am trying to offer the milk to you with meals too because you don't drink much before your nap or bedtime, usually 3 ounces or so. But you are really into eating your snacks. I give you a morning snack and an afternoon snack in between meals and you love snack time!

Pictures from this month:
You really like riding in the car cart at HEB!

We have spent lots of time being lazy this month, I was so tired everyday and you are getting your molars.

We have visited several splash pads this month. The first time you were so adventurous and the past 2 times you have wanted me to be by your side the whole time.

You and Lucy, two peas in a pod! So cute.

I now have a toddler.. I cannot believe it.

This was taken one year ago (Aug.17, 2012) on your due date, and one year later. I still can't believe you were NINE days late. That is ok though buddy you were worth it! The funny part is I am also 9 weeks pregnant on the picture on the right :)

Spaghetti night.. you are SO messy at meal time. You love to put food in your HAIR.

Your new treehouse from Grammy and Pa.

Your birthday party- A "timeline" of all of your "firsts"

Cupcakes at your party

Eating your cake. You HATED the singing (even though I had everyone sing quietly you still did not like it) but you really enjoyed the cupcake, especially the icing :)

The first gift you opened- this is how we announced we are expecting!

I am SO sad that I have very few pictures from your party.. it was all just so crazy!

Checking out the icing

The next day, your actual birthday. We went to Pappasitoes before Grammy, Pa, Grandmaw, Chad, Sara, Rich and Bella left.

Then you had ANOTHER birthday celebration at the lake! Here you are with Aunt Kris

You are a monkey buddy!

One year old!

Wes Patrick,
Well Buddy, we survived the first year. In ways it seems so much longer then that and in other ways so much shorter.  It is so hard to imagine life before you in ways.  You have brought so many smiles to mine and your daddy's face in the past year! It is crazy to think about how much you have changed this year too. We are looking forward to watching you learn even more new things and and are so thankful you are a happy healthy toddler!  We love you Wes Patrick.
Mommy and Daddy

Monday, July 29, 2013

11 Months Old: July 25, 2013
 Weight:  19 pounds, 8 ounces (weighed at home)
Head Circumference: n/a
Diapers: Size 3, about to start 4 when we run out of 3sClothes:   Most onesies and rompers you are 12 months. PJ's are 12-18  months. All of your 9 month shorts are now too small, so you are in 12 M for just about everything and can fit in some 18 M stuff (for length)

*your play food set that Koko bought you
*walking behind any walking toy - this is all you do!
*opening the drawer on the coffee table and pulling everything out
*"throwing" toys, you like to toss things now
*waving (you kind of stick your arm out real straight and then barely move your hand, its cute!)
*watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Agent Oso
*watching Lucy play fetch

New Things:
*you are still pulling up on everything. You have gotten much better at "cruising" along the furniture and will even let go and stand for a split second, before you realize you aren't hanging on to anything.
*you are into pushing your toys that you can walk behind, this is basically all you've wanted to do the past 2 days. Last night we even took one out in the culdesac and you pushed it all around, you are VERY proud of yourself as you do it.
*you are starting to "throw" things. you will toss your toys and then laugh.
*you are saying even more sounds and you mimic us a lot, you say "uh oh" and sometimes you will say "bye" 

You take 2 naps most days. Your schedule is pretty much the same as last month. You can be awake anywhere from 3.5-4 hours and then you are ready to nap. You sleep anywhere from an hour and 15 minutes- 2 hours.  You can skip your morning nap and just take a long afternoon one IF we are really busy, you can make it until about 12:30 and then you will sleep until 2:30 or 3. Most days I still give you 2 naps because you are much more content. You go to bed about 8pm and have been putting yourself to sleep without crying (YAY) HOWEVER... you are still waking up around 4ish.. so I am trying to wean you of that feeding and get you to not wake up. You go back to sleep until around 7 or 7:30.

Eating:  You take 2 bottles (6 oz), one before each nap, and one before bedtime (8 oz). I have started offering you whole milk in a sippy cup occasionallly to start to get you used to it. You like it ok but you are much more inclined to want a bottle. You also eat 2 snacks, one around 9:30 am and one around 4:30 pm.   You are really into fruit (grapes, watermelon, oranges) you want to eat it all the time, you also really like black beans.

Pictures from this month:
every evening while I am getting dinner ready you cruise around in this and eat shredded cheese, haha

first airplane ride! We had 2 flights and if was just you and me, you did awesome!!

You took a nap during our 1.5 hour layover, woohoo!!

First Hotel stay with mommy and grammy. We were in Abilene for my friend Emily's wedding. You slept great!

After the wedding we went back go Grammy and pa's for a few days, you had so much fun!

Visiting Grammy's dentist office

With your cousins at the fourth of July parade!

You LOVE watermelon.

This is my life these days.. finding what you have gotten into! You love the toilet paper and anytime you see the bathroom door open you head straight for it.

We took some pictures of you for your birthday invitation. It was SO HARD trying to get you to stay still!

We went to the lakehouse with friends, you had a good time!

You hung out in your float on the lake for over an hour, I was very proud of you!

You even went "fishing" with this set that Aunt Kris got you. You were hilarious and kept "casting" it and almost hitting everyone around you.

Just a day at home with mommy, I love our days together Wes!

Pushing your car, you love this!

I can't believe it..

First time in the car cart at HEB, you loved it!

This is out of order, but you and Rich had matching Pj's during the 4th of july weekend at the bayhouse. I love how yall almost have the same expression.

Wes Patrick,
Next month you will be ONE. That is crazy. One year ago we were anticipating your arrival and wondering what our new lives would be like. Looking back a LOT has changed.. but we would not have it any other way.  You are a silly boy that also is a bit cautious and really loves to know that his mommy is close by.  You get so excited every night when Daddy gets home from work. I am not sure who gets a bigger grin- you or him.  You are on the go and constantly want to be entertained. You are really good at entertaining yourself though and playing with your toys. You love watching tv and eating snacks... so yes, you are all boy! haha :) We love you so much and this month has been so fun, we are so excited to celebrate you turning one soon. 
Mommy & Daddy