Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dear Blogger..

I am very upset with you, you change my font and I am not sure why.. AND you did not put the picture of Lucy goose up! Come on Blogger... do your job. (I am sure it is totally Bloggers fault and not the fact that I am not very good at using this and currently "borrowing" internet from someone named "house of tim" that lives close by... yeah.
well... I am going to try the photo posting again. I know I prob. had people freaking out that they did not get to see Lucy in a sock.. well, do not fret.. here she is!

ok maybe it was the fact that the buttons are switched on the upload photo thing.. cancel is on the left. that is just silly blogger, just silly.

Monday, April 27, 2009

goose (lucy)

So I am not sure as to why my last post came out SUPER big.. but hopefully this will be normal sized! I cannot believe that it is almost May. I probably say something about this..10 times a day. I feel like my most common phrase is about how close the wedding is, but it really is just all surreal. I have been planning this event for the past 12 months.. and here it is! Crazy! Drew and I are very ready, and so excited! I also cannot believe I am employed, the fact that I KNOW I am going to be spending Aug-May with around 20 (hopefully..less!) 6 year olds is crazy. I miss my student teaching kids so much, but I am so ready to build relationships with new ones :) 1st grade is just so much fun, the changes they make is just insane. I have been collecting classroom things for the past....2 years. Haha, but am going to visit my school soon to see my classroom and really start to get a vision of what I want to do. This weekend Drew and I have our bachelor/bachlorette parties. I am going to Dallas to stay in a Hotel with all my girls, Drew and his guys have a beachhouse in Galveston!
And then.. it is all going to just fly by. I have gotten a lot done and really do not have that much left.. crazy!
I will leave you with a picture of Lucy goose, Drew and I really love her so much... I am pretty sure we spend most of our time watching her, talking to her, playing with her.... yeah. She is such a sweetie though, tonight I decided she should wear socks, it was so funny because one fell off immediately, but the other one she just left on, she is a silly goose.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It is all falling in place!!

I am employed!!!!!!
Yes it is true! Britani called me this morning, the Principal at Stewart Elementary in Clear Creek ISD, I GOT THE JOB! I am offically a First Grade Teacher and am so so excited! She was so sweet and talked about how the 1st Grade Team loved me and that they just knew I would be the perfect fit! :) I am going to go visit soon and see my future classroom, I can't wait to see it and start envisioning all I will be doing with it, decorating will be SO much fun! I am so excited and it is awesome to see how God's perfect timing always works out, and to see our lives just falling into place.

other big news.... Chad and Sara are having a BOY so Drew and I are having a NEPHEW! I am so excited and can't wait until that precious boy is here!

Drew and I are now going through the paperwork of signing a lease for an apt! We are going to live there for a year and then maybe think about buying a house, so Lucy will have to be an apt. dog for a year. She will be fine.. she can't be in a yard anyways because she DIGS. We are getting a 1 bedroom 1 bath with a Study. They are brand-new apartments and super nice:) BIG kitchens and a HUGE master bathroom! Today has just been amazing!

I am still in disbelief that I am already employed, I am def. just feeling super blessed today! Thank you for your prayers!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

done and done!

Last Thursday I finished Student teaching, on my last day my kids and Christie had a surprise party for me.  Over the past few weeks the kids have been bringing "teacher gifts" for me, mostly stuff for my classroom next year, it was so sweet and I was truly surprised! My kids did such a good job at keeping it a surprise!  Then Drew and I headed to Holliday for Easter, we had a great weekend and Chad and Sara were here too! We got to meet Crockett, who is precious :)    I can't wait until my niece or nephew is here (they find out a week from today what the baby is!)  Anyways the other "done" is that this morning I took my last teacher certification test! I took my PPR test on Tuesday morning at MSU , and the ESL test this morning!  So now all I have left is walking across the stage... and walking down the aisle! :)
Speaking of the wedding, I have a shower in Houston on Saturday, Drew has a tool "party" he does not like the word shower... on Sunday!  Then Monday my mom and I will be going to Ashton Gardens for a meeting with the wedding coordinator there!   
The past few mornings when I have woken up I have thought "OH my goodness I can't believe it is so close.." it really is weiiird. 

OH! And Drew got a J-O-B! It was such a God thing and such a blessing, now everyone just say a prayer because I am supposed to here about my interview results tom. ahhh!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I am pretty much only writing this post right now to let you know to PLEASE pray at 1:30 tomorrow! I will be interviewing with Stewart Elementary (a school in Clear Creek ISD) for a 1st grade position! I met them at the CCISD job fair Saturday, and loved them. They offered me an interview tomorrow :)

Drew and I have so many things completely up in the air right now.. it is so hard to not feel overwhelmed! However, I know in a couple of months it is going to be so awesome to look back to now, and see what God was planning for us! I am really trying to enjoy this last month, but also very, very ready for May 23.
Karla (Drew's mom) asked him the other day if he was getting cold feet, she informed that he replied "No, I think I am getting hot feet!" Haha, when I asked him why he said that he said "Well I just assumed that was the opposite of cold feet." I completley agree!

We are going to Holliday for Easter this weekend, and my last day of Student Teaching is Thursday. We are very excited to get to spend time with family and to meet the new addition to the Stone family -Crockett!
I can't believe I am almost done with student teaching, I am going to miss those 20 kids more than I even realize right now. However, on Friday we went on a field trip to a zoo in Waco. It was a great memory, my favorite part might have been when the male lion decided to roll over and my boys kept pointing out to me that you not ONLY know its a male from its mane, but also from its private parts! yesss.. what a blessing it is that the lion decided to roll over so we could ALL (this includes any other park visitors in a mile raidus) could understand this great phenomenon. awesome.
well, I guess that is all for now, I must say that I am hoping one of the next few "titles" on this blog will read something about me having a j-o-b. :)