Thursday, April 16, 2009

done and done!

Last Thursday I finished Student teaching, on my last day my kids and Christie had a surprise party for me.  Over the past few weeks the kids have been bringing "teacher gifts" for me, mostly stuff for my classroom next year, it was so sweet and I was truly surprised! My kids did such a good job at keeping it a surprise!  Then Drew and I headed to Holliday for Easter, we had a great weekend and Chad and Sara were here too! We got to meet Crockett, who is precious :)    I can't wait until my niece or nephew is here (they find out a week from today what the baby is!)  Anyways the other "done" is that this morning I took my last teacher certification test! I took my PPR test on Tuesday morning at MSU , and the ESL test this morning!  So now all I have left is walking across the stage... and walking down the aisle! :)
Speaking of the wedding, I have a shower in Houston on Saturday, Drew has a tool "party" he does not like the word shower... on Sunday!  Then Monday my mom and I will be going to Ashton Gardens for a meeting with the wedding coordinator there!   
The past few mornings when I have woken up I have thought "OH my goodness I can't believe it is so close.." it really is weiiird. 

OH! And Drew got a J-O-B! It was such a God thing and such a blessing, now everyone just say a prayer because I am supposed to here about my interview results tom. ahhh!

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