Monday, April 27, 2009

goose (lucy)

So I am not sure as to why my last post came out SUPER big.. but hopefully this will be normal sized! I cannot believe that it is almost May. I probably say something about this..10 times a day. I feel like my most common phrase is about how close the wedding is, but it really is just all surreal. I have been planning this event for the past 12 months.. and here it is! Crazy! Drew and I are very ready, and so excited! I also cannot believe I am employed, the fact that I KNOW I am going to be spending Aug-May with around 20 (hopefully..less!) 6 year olds is crazy. I miss my student teaching kids so much, but I am so ready to build relationships with new ones :) 1st grade is just so much fun, the changes they make is just insane. I have been collecting classroom things for the past....2 years. Haha, but am going to visit my school soon to see my classroom and really start to get a vision of what I want to do. This weekend Drew and I have our bachelor/bachlorette parties. I am going to Dallas to stay in a Hotel with all my girls, Drew and his guys have a beachhouse in Galveston!
And then.. it is all going to just fly by. I have gotten a lot done and really do not have that much left.. crazy!
I will leave you with a picture of Lucy goose, Drew and I really love her so much... I am pretty sure we spend most of our time watching her, talking to her, playing with her.... yeah. She is such a sweetie though, tonight I decided she should wear socks, it was so funny because one fell off immediately, but the other one she just left on, she is a silly goose.

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