Monday, August 2, 2010

Where I have been...

Wow! It has been quite a while since I have posted on here! Summer is almost over and I can hardly believe it! I have already started the process of getting my classroom ready for a new school year, at this point I am kind of ready for it all to begin.. but I am sure in the next couple of weeks it will get overwhelming!
I am so so thankful I have a job that allows me to have a break in the summer. It has been so nice to finish working on our house and get a lot done! Drew and I have accomplished a lot. We still want to re-do the master bath and the guest bath but won't be doing that until Christmas Break or next summer... we need a break! A few weeks ago Drew took a week off work and we just worked on things around the house. Everyone told us "once you get a house the work never ends" I do see that but we are so blessed and absolutely love our home!
Here are some pictures I took of our house today!
Entryway, Lucy likes to lay here a lot on the tile since it is cool. Because we all know that its horrible outside right now!
First guest bedroom2nd guest bedroom
guest bathroom
This is "Drew's room" it is a study but we put our office in one of the guest rooms, so this is his man cave.
Living Room, and another place that Lucy likes to lay a lot!
Formal Dining Room
Breakfast Area
Kitchen ( I love this place and all my cabinet space! ) :)
Looking from Kitchen into Living Room
View from Kitchen into Formal Dining Room
Hallway to Master bedroom and Extra bedroom
This extra bedroom is currently our study. Everyone tells me what a great nursery it will be since it is next to the master bedroom... not for quite a while though people :)
Master BedroomLooking from master hallway into living room

Well... that is our home! I have enjoyed working on our house this summer AND getting to spend time with my sweetie pie Rich who is ALMOST ONE! Crazy! :)
Drew and I also celebrated our one year anniversary in May, it has honestly been the best year of my life! He got me tickets to go see Jack Johnson, he remembered that the gift was supposed to be "paper" which I thought was cute. The concert is next week and I'm really excited! Well, that is all... soon I will have many new 1st Grade stories! :)