Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day..

Well today is Election Day. It is crazy how long this election has seemed.. Honestly, I am quite ready for it all to be over with!

This weekend Drew and I have my cousin, Kelly's, Wedding in Austin! I am really excited to get to see family and for her wedding, she is three years older than me and I have always looked up to her! I know it will be a beautiful wedding!

We still have not gotten engagement pictures back yet..should be soon though! I went home to pick up my dress last weekend and try it on, it is beautiful and I just did not want to take it off :) Drew and I have also started pre-marital training. At our church here, Grace Bible, they do it in pairs. So we have a couple that is married that we meet with. Our pastor wanted us to do something here since he is in Houston and it would be hard to meet very reguarly. I really am glad our couple is very sweet and we have a lot in common with them! They have been married 26 years and are so sweet to guide us and let us hear about things they have learned. It is a great reminder to know what marriage is really about. As Drew and I were preparing for class the other night I was remembering how I used to always think about the day when I would have a husband to lead me and to walk along side of me. We are both so excited to get to be a team together, and to see what God has in store for us!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

6 months down, 7 to go!

I cannot believe that we have been engaged 6 months already! It is so crazy, time is truly just flying by! On Saturday Drew and I had engagement pictures. I was kind of nervous about how it would all go, and could not really pick out what we would be wearing until about.. 2 hours before! Our photographers are a married couple, Ivan and Ana, and they came to College Station for the photo shoot! We went to downtown Bryan (it is a historic downtown) and had a BLAST! At first I felt a bit awkward and said I felt as if music should be playing or something, haha! But soon enough I got used to it and we were just all 4 looking for cool places to take different types of pictures. Every now and then Ivan and Ana would show us some of the pictures..and they were just so great. They are so talented! Then we went to the Dixie Chicken (a very, very old country bar across from A&M) the Dixie Chicken is a big part of A&M's history. We had not even thought to take pictures there, but as we were driving by Drew had the idea (what a creative fiance I have!) So we went and took some pictures on the old wooden porch, it was very cute. Then we went back to Drew's house, had an outfit change, then took pictures on our bicycles and in a park next to his house. These pictures were taken around 5:30ish so we also had the sun setting! It was a fun-filled day and I told Ivan and Ana I would love for them just to come follow us around everyday! It made me even more excited for our wedding knowing how amazing it will be captured on camera and film! The pictures will be on a webpage in about a week and a half, so I will most the information on here as soon as that happens!
Then today we met with a DJ, we liked him a lot and that went really well! Then we went and met Drew's new little cousin, Kallan. He is only about 2 weeks old, so precious! It was a very busy weekend but also a lot of fun! Everything is coming together...

Monday, October 20, 2008


Well I am going to try to get more consistent about writing on this!
This semester has flown by, I seriously cannot believe its already almost November!
As far as wedding stuff goes:
-we have hired the florist, I love her!
-we have engagement pictures this Saturday... I still need to figure out our outfits!
-we have our first premarital counseling session this Thursday night (we will be mentored by a couple that has been married 23 years, we are very excited to learn a lot from them!)
-we are meeting with a dj this Sunday, I have talked with him a lot on the phone and really like him!
-my wedding dress ships on FRIDAY! So I am going home next weekend to see it, I cannot wait for my mom to get to see me in it! :)

So things are moving along great! Almost only 7 months to go, which is just crazy!...And we have been engaged six months..even weirder! Kailey and Ryan only have about 4 months left, I cannot believe it!

As far as school goes, things are going well. I am loving my time in 4th grade, but have learned that it is probably not the grade for me. I am not a huge fan of teaching writing-it is very hard! I found out I will be in 1st grade probably for student teaching which will be great! And the school is very close to my house-a huge plus! My teacher seems super sweet and one of my friends was with her last year for student teaching! So things are all falling into place!
I know that next semester will be absolutly insane so I am trying to get a lot of wedding stuff done now. I am counting on Christmas Break to do a lot with Drew since we both will not be in school. Although, I do start student teaching the first week of January, crazy!
Well, I need to go get some sleep! Hopefully I'll update again soon!

Monday, September 29, 2008


So I have not written on this for about a month, oops! I have been working on finding a DJ and have booked our florist! I love her,she is great! We are also taking engagement pictures on October 27 so we are excited for that so we can get started on savethedates. My best friend, Kailey, is getting married February 28 so we spend a LOT of time talking about wedding details :) We are actually going shopping for her wedding dress next weekend, so I am very excited!

School is going well, I am very ready for it to get cool outside! I love winter time and all of the holidays that come with it.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

So A&M has school today but I do not, so I have actually been pretty bored today, then I had a great idea...

the other night Drew came over and put his hat on the top of my tower fan, Lucy started freaking out when it rotated and we were cracking up. Today I was trying to get her to do the same thing but could not find a ball cap, but then I remembered my cousin(and roommate) Ashley, had a huge sombrero! So this is a clip of Lucy not quite sure what to think of the sombrero!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Something new...

Well I probably already spend way too much time on the computer, but I always have people asking me about wedding plans, school, etc. So I decided this would be a great way to keep people updated on Drew and I planning our lives together! Last night we met with our photographers and videographers in Spring. It went so well, they are two married couples and all four of them are so sweet. I am so excited to see what they will create to help us to always remember our day! We scheduled our engagement pictures for November 1, and they are coming to college station! I hope that it will feel a bit like Fall outside (but am not holding my breath!) We also tried out a restaurant that we may have the rehearsal dinner at, it was good but we are still not sure of where to have it! Sometimes I wish our wedding was not 9 months away, but I realize I am very lucky to have time to just slowely do things and enjoy this time of being engaged, afterall life will never be this simple again! :)