Monday, October 20, 2008


Well I am going to try to get more consistent about writing on this!
This semester has flown by, I seriously cannot believe its already almost November!
As far as wedding stuff goes:
-we have hired the florist, I love her!
-we have engagement pictures this Saturday... I still need to figure out our outfits!
-we have our first premarital counseling session this Thursday night (we will be mentored by a couple that has been married 23 years, we are very excited to learn a lot from them!)
-we are meeting with a dj this Sunday, I have talked with him a lot on the phone and really like him!
-my wedding dress ships on FRIDAY! So I am going home next weekend to see it, I cannot wait for my mom to get to see me in it! :)

So things are moving along great! Almost only 7 months to go, which is just crazy!...And we have been engaged six months..even weirder! Kailey and Ryan only have about 4 months left, I cannot believe it!

As far as school goes, things are going well. I am loving my time in 4th grade, but have learned that it is probably not the grade for me. I am not a huge fan of teaching writing-it is very hard! I found out I will be in 1st grade probably for student teaching which will be great! And the school is very close to my house-a huge plus! My teacher seems super sweet and one of my friends was with her last year for student teaching! So things are all falling into place!
I know that next semester will be absolutly insane so I am trying to get a lot of wedding stuff done now. I am counting on Christmas Break to do a lot with Drew since we both will not be in school. Although, I do start student teaching the first week of January, crazy!
Well, I need to go get some sleep! Hopefully I'll update again soon!

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