Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dear Wes- 2 Months

2 Months Old: October 25, 2012
Length: 23.5 inches (79%)
Weight: 11 lbs 7 oz (36%)
Head Circumference: 15.5 inches (66%)
Diapers: You are wearing size 1 and can fit in size 2. I usually put you in size 2 at night.
Clothes: 3-6 months. I can no longer fit you in your 0-3 month things. Some of your 3-6 months are a little big. We got you some cute little jeans and they fit but are kind of big.. you are just long and lean so most pants slide right off of you.
*being swaddled (this is new.. you used to hate it for the first 10 minutes or so, now when you see me get the blanket out and I start wrapping you.. you get happy!) I use the Miracle Swaddle Blanket and I swear by it.. that thing is amazing and has helped me to get a lot of sleep- woohoo!
*ceiling fans.. you love watching it go around.. and you love to "talk" to it.
*your hands.. you have recently discovered that your fist can go in your mouth.. and you are constantly doing it.
*your paci- you are now taking a NUK paci, sometimes you still prefer the soothie but Grammy is happy you are liking the Nuk because it is better for your teeth (which will come later!)
*mommy and daddy- you love to look at us and "talk" to us.
*your MamaRoo, if you wake up at night I move you from your crib to the Mamaroo and you stay asleep.. you also take a lot of your naps in it still.
*you still LOVE your bath and massage. I have no doubt it is your favorite time of the day!
*Nursing.. you love to eat.
New Things:
*You turn your head in the direction of our voices
*You "talk"to us, mostly in the morning and during/after your bath
*You have discovered your hands and keep putting them in your mouth. I notice you always use your right hand. You also prefer to lay out head to the right.
*You are holding your head up.. you only do it for a minute or two though.. we are working on it!
*Sometimes now when we hold you up you put weight on your legs.
*You are so much more alert, constantly staring at things and taking it all in. This has also caused you to get over stimulated much easier than last month.
*You roll over from your tummy to your back- technically this was after 2 months, you did it today (October 30)
Dislikes:  Well.. you must have been a bit more indecisive in month 1 but now you know what you like and don't like.. you are pretty particular..
*You are particular about your naps.. you really prefer to be at home, and in your swaddle blanket. Sometimes you will nap in the car and when mommy is running errands.. but if you are over tired you let me know you want to be home. This is the #1 reason you get upset.. I guess you just get over stimulated really easily. So we try to stay home a lot and I plan errands during your wake time.
*You still HATE when you are in your car seat and the car is not moving.
*You hate when I am about to feed you and set you down to do something.. you start this pitiful cry to let me know I hurt your feelings.
*We learned today that you hate shots! Whew... after you got them you screamed for a few minutes and turned red.. Daddy was holding you after and you would calm down.. then I guess you would get a   Flashback or something because you would start screaming again. I nursed you and you calmed down and went to sleep.. very thankful for that because that screaming broke my heart.
*You don't like sitting in the same spot for too long... you are good about being on your own but often start fussing and if I move you to a new spot (to look at something new) you are usually content.

Sleep:  You take 4 naps a day.. most of them are about 1-1.5 hours but the last one is usually only 45 minutes. You go down fairly easy for most of your naps except the 4th one.. you always take that one in the mamaroo and I often have to come put your paci back in for you to stay asleep. You sleep 5-6 hours at night (on Monday night you slept 7, that was great!) then after the 6 hour stretch you do a 4 hour stretch. Mommy has learned so much about looking for your "nap cues" to let me know its time to go down. You are normally awake for about an hour when you start to yawn. We try to put you in your crib before you are asleep. If you start to cry we give you 10 minutes and then do the "shh" pat that we learned from the book "The Baby Whisper" you seem to be doing well with that. I love rocking you but I also really want you to be able to put yourself to sleep... I think that is very important!
*We have been having sleep issues since your shots on Thursday--- you are waking every 3.5 hours at night-- not very fun :( I am praying it ends soon and trying to be patient with you but am really missing those 5 and 6 hour stretches of sleep. I am very thankful I am staying home with you though and can nap during the day when you nap.

Crying: Like I said earlier.. you've gotten pretty particular about what you like. You mostly only cry for 2 reasons 1. hungry and 2. over-stimulated. The hungry cry can be solved quickly.. the over tired cry sounds more like a scream and I have to work to calm you down--so we really try to not get to that point! Most days now you are napping so well you don't get over tired, and it's been great! If I am out to long and you get off your schedule then it's obvious by your mood. You really like your schedule and knowing what is coming next.

Eating: You eat every 3 to 3.5 hours during the day and I do a dreamfeed around 9/10pm and then you wake up around 3/4 am for your nightfeed. Sometimes you wake up again at 6.. and sometimes at 7. We are working towards making it 7 all of the time because Mommy likes that a lot more! :)

Pictures from this month:
You now hold your head up and can sit in the front part of your stroller! I think you like it more because you can look around and see more things.

You can now sit in your Bumbo! Not for very long though.. your neck gets tired from holding up that big head! 

Future Aggie

Before your bath on October 29 you kept making noises and holding up your head. Every time we laid you down you would get frustrated, then once we sat you up you would hold up your head and look around. It is like you knew you were doing something new! So precious :)

Morning Smiles.. you smile throughout the day but we get the most smiles out of you right after your morning feed and at night during bath time.

You are starting to show your little personality and we LOVE it. 

After you got your shots on Oct. 25 you had a little reaction. You were fine until about 4 hours after the shots.. you were SCREAMING (not crying) and would not stop. We think you were really achy from the shots. We could not even put a diaper on you because you would get so upset. So we wrapped you in a towel and eventually your extra dose of Tylenol kicked in (pediatrician told us to) and you fell asleep. It broke my heart to see you so upset.. it was a very emotional day.

We finally got some cold weather in Houston! You snuggled in bed with daddy and looked like such a big boy

Grammy came to visit again! She was here a few days before and a few days after a trip to Mexico with Kathy.  
You took your first trip to Holliday this month. We stopped in Burleson at Chad and Sara's on the way there and back to split up the drive. This was you at a pumpkin patch with your cousins. Bella loves to touch your face and look at you. Rich loves to talk to you, talk about you, and look at you.  It melts my heart to see how sweet he is to you. I love watching y'all together and can't wait to make so many memories growing up together.

My two babies. Your sister is getting even more interested in you and really seems to like you ;)

2 months old- growing so fast!

Holding his head up!

In the process of rolling over, from tummy to back.

Wes Patrick,
Your daddy and I can't believe you are 2 months old already. You have changed a lot in the past month.. we are really starting to see your little personality.  You are kind of dramatic when you are ready to eat or sleep.. and I will admit you probably get that from your mommy :) You have changed our lives so much and it is amazing how much time your daddy and I can spend laying in bed staring at you take in all that is around you.  In some ways I want time to slow down.. and in other ways I am ready to see you change and do so many more things. With the Holidays approaching I can't help but think how next year at this time you will be walking around- wow! For now I will cherish being able to hold you in my arms so easily, and watching you give me those HUGE grins as you drift off to sleep.  The toughest moment this month was after your shots.. you were SO upset and screaming for over an hour and daddy and I could not seem to help you to feel better. My heart was broken and I would have done anything to take that pain away from you.  Once you finally calmed down I was so thankful to see you smile again.  It is amazing how much we love you and at the same time how much I feel my love for you has grown since last month. I can't wait to see the changes month 3 brings. We love you so much sweet boy. 
Mommy and Daddy