Sunday, April 5, 2009


I am pretty much only writing this post right now to let you know to PLEASE pray at 1:30 tomorrow! I will be interviewing with Stewart Elementary (a school in Clear Creek ISD) for a 1st grade position! I met them at the CCISD job fair Saturday, and loved them. They offered me an interview tomorrow :)

Drew and I have so many things completely up in the air right now.. it is so hard to not feel overwhelmed! However, I know in a couple of months it is going to be so awesome to look back to now, and see what God was planning for us! I am really trying to enjoy this last month, but also very, very ready for May 23.
Karla (Drew's mom) asked him the other day if he was getting cold feet, she informed that he replied "No, I think I am getting hot feet!" Haha, when I asked him why he said that he said "Well I just assumed that was the opposite of cold feet." I completley agree!

We are going to Holliday for Easter this weekend, and my last day of Student Teaching is Thursday. We are very excited to get to spend time with family and to meet the new addition to the Stone family -Crockett!
I can't believe I am almost done with student teaching, I am going to miss those 20 kids more than I even realize right now. However, on Friday we went on a field trip to a zoo in Waco. It was a great memory, my favorite part might have been when the male lion decided to roll over and my boys kept pointing out to me that you not ONLY know its a male from its mane, but also from its private parts! yesss.. what a blessing it is that the lion decided to roll over so we could ALL (this includes any other park visitors in a mile raidus) could understand this great phenomenon. awesome.
well, I guess that is all for now, I must say that I am hoping one of the next few "titles" on this blog will read something about me having a j-o-b. :)

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Jessica and Chris said...

good luck, les! you will do great! crockett can't wait to meet you too! let us know how it goes.