Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wes Patrick- Months 13.14 & 15

Stats from 15 Month Well Visit on 12/3/13
 Length: 32 inches long (76%)
 Weight:  20 pounds, 5.5 oz (27%)
Head Circumference:  18 3/4 inches (72%)Diapers: Size 4
Clothes:   12-18 Months. Most pants are big on you though since you are so skinny!
*getting attention from momma and daddy. 
*singing songs and clapping
*your paci and your blankie, especially if you are upset or sleepy
* new toys
*being outside, you cry everytime we try to bring you back inside
*being tickled and playing on "pillow mountain" before bedtime
*hearing your voice echo, you will start making these funny noises when we are in a place that echos to hear your voice. There is also a tunnel at our neighborhood park that you love to walk through and hear your voice echo.
*You love Lucy, she gets WAY more snuggles than Daddy or I!

*Being told "no"
*When strangers tell you "hi" You usually start crying..
*When someone takes a toy from you, you get upset. You are a sensitive soul.
*Sitting Still, haha, you are an active little boy!

New Things:
*a little bit after you turned 13 months you started walking everywhere, you walk like a pro now and are really good at walking down (small) steps and going up them. You LOVE for your daddy to play chase with you.
*You are a man of few words :) you say: mama, dada, yummy, uh-oh, hi, and I think you are starting to say "up" sometimes. You use sign language to say "all done" and "more"
*You love to clap, anytime you hear a song you start clapping after it is over. You also love to wave hi and bye but the bye is usually delayed and the people are already gone.

You take one nap a day and it ranges from 1 hour to 2 hours depending on how tired you are I guess. It usually starts around 1 pm. You go to bed around 8 or 8:30 and wake up around 7. Sometimes you wake up at 5 am but (usually) I can get you to go back to sleep (Thank Goodness!)

Eating:  You eat just about anything we are eating. You love to feed yourself with a spoon and a fork. You also like to dip your food if we are (ketchup, etc.). Your favorite foods are: Hot dogs, black beans, avocado,  strawberries, french fries, peaches, oranges, bananas, donut holes (haha), mac and cheese, peas.

Pictures from this month:
At your 12 month well visit appointment.

Wearing your Aggie clothes

Holding a picture of your little sister (although at this point we did not know she was a "she")

You are silly but also shy. When we are in public you sometimes cry when people acknowledge you.

You LOVE going to the children's museum

At Grammy and Pa's new house.. it is ALMOST finished!

Loved these jammies.

When we found out you were getting a baby sister

at first you could care less about the balloons but then you had fun with them.

Rich was playing dominoes with grandmaw and you and bella decided to "help"

Your big cousin is very sweet to you.

pumpkin patch!


You and Lucy were both Lions for Halloween. You loved trick or treating but did not understand why you couldn't go inside all the houses. It was funny-- they would give you candy and you would just start to walk inside.

Turkey Jammies

You are looking like such a toddler these days.. no more baby boy.

black beans.. you love them Wes!

playing with momma at the children's museum

You love this car toy that Rich and Bella gave you.

You and Bella watching baby Einstein at Thanksgiving

Wes Patrick,
You are all toddler these days. It is amazing to watch you watch us do something and then immediately try to do it yourself.  You are quite shy-- we are not sure where you got that. And you are pretty sensitive. You love to be outside and explore new places and things, but like to know that momma and daddy are close by.  You will go places alone that you are familiar with (you no longer cry when being dropped off at the nursery for church).  We are really having to start telling you "no" and it is quite obvious  that you often still do it anyways.  It can be tough and tiring sometimes when you continue to test our limits.  It is hard sometimes to see you so upset but at the same time I know that it is just part of learning.  You are learning new things everyday!  We love you so much and it is so hard to imagine that soon you will have a baby sister. We are super excited to meet Addie but are also soaking up our days of just putting all of our time and energy into you.  We love you so so much sweet boy, more than we every new was even impossible.
Momma and Daddy

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