Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bump Update- Week 37

Well...Poor Addie does not quite have the semi-weekly bump updates that her brother did. Honestly, I am just glad I have found time to at least do a few.  It appears the last one done was Week 21. whoa. Here we are.. 3 days away from "full-term" status.  Today is March 1, and I woke up so excited that it is my baby girl's Birth Month (that her Daddy gets to share with her!) 

-Well, considering I basically have a beach ball for a belly.. my back is quite achy most of the time.. especially in the evenings.
-With Wes, I honestly slept GREAT.. even at 41 weeks pregnant!  With Addie.. sleep is ok. I wake up to pee approximately 5 times a night.. and I know that most of this is because every time I wake up I drink a ton of water.. but I can't help it! One interesting thing with this pregnancy is how stiff my body gets at night. When I wake up to pee each time I am so sore and stiff. Thankfully, it's gone in the morning though!
-Addie is sitting much lower than Wes. When I sit down my belly rests on my thighs... and this never happened with him! In fact.. I even have a lovely heat rash on the underside of my belly from it resting on my thighs.
-I am feeling some relief on my lungs but still get out of breath a lot.. it might have something to do with chasing a toddler.
-Restless Leg Syndrome: Has been horrible at night. My doctor told me to take calcium and magnesium which I have been doing daily and it is helping tremendously!
-Exhaustion: At the end of the day I am so tired, once again.. probably has something to do with chasing a toddler! :)

-crushed ice. I am an addict. I could eat it
-mint chocolate chip ice cream (I have never liked this flavor.. so strange!)
-sweets, I have always had a sweet tooth.. but Addie has taken it to a new level!

Best Moment:
Last Saturday I had a shower here in Houston and it was so much fun getting to celebrate with friends and family.  I loved getting all the precious outfits and bows.. I still cannot believe I am going to have a daughter!

Looking Forward to:
DUH! Addie's Arrival!! My official due date is March 17, But Addie has measured 4 days early on every sonogram I have had. That still doesn't change my due date but since it is my second my doctor will induce me the day I turn 39 weeks if I want.  (Obviously I could not make it to that point but I feel like I probably will!) So, the plan is right now to induce during my 39th week if she hasn't arrived on her own. Probably on March 12 or 13.  I am starting to progress, but very slowly! I am still hopeful she might come on her own since she is low, time will tell!

Addie Grace,
Your Daddy and I cannot wait to meet you. Your brother is clueless that you are arriving soon but I know you will grow on him quickly. We are praying for you and your entrance into this world.  We are so anxious to meet you and see what you look like, what your personality is like.. just to know you. I am savoring these last days of having you with me constantly.  You are so loved already, and we cannot wait to hold you in our arms! 

Week 26

Week 30

Week 33

Week 35 ( on right with Addie, comparing how she is lower)

Progress being made on her room- Her bedding!

Changing Table: Which was my Great Grandmother's wash table.

And here we are.. Week 37, 3 days away from Week 38!

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