Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Stats from 18 Month Well Visit on 2/27/14
(written on 3/1/14)  Length: 35.4 inches long (98%)
 Weight:  22 pounds, 3.5 oz (23%)
Head Circumference:  18 3/4 inches (58%) 
Diapers: Size 4
Clothes:   12-18 Months pants, 18 month shirts, 18-24 month PJ's
New Things: 
*you say "all done" after eating (as well as signing it)
*putting puzzles together really well
*animal noises : moo, roar, ruff
*you point at body parts: Hair, nose, eyes, ears, mouth, etc.
*you aren't a big talker but we are amazed sometimes at the things we ask you to do and that you understand what we are saying! Such a smart boy.
*you go down all the slides by yourself at the playgrounds we go to, you are quite brave!
*you are starting to throw small tantrums. Mostly if you don't want to get in your high chair, car seat, or a shopping cart. Sometimes you are fine other times it is quite the drama fest. 
*You have kind of become obsessed with your paci. You will randomly go looking for one when we are at home and if you can't find one you just sit in the foyer and cry (whine)
*Lucy (really ANY dog, you LOVE dogs)
*being chased
*you've really been into reading books lately! You love to pick the book out and bring it to our chair to read in your room
*Bathtime, you love playing in the water
*Playing cars, trains, trucks, etc.
*Parks and just being outside in general
*Shows: Favorites are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Paw Patrol (your momma is 9 months pregnant so yes, we watch TV!)
*not getting your way (haha)
*Like I mentioned before, your high chair, car seat and shopping carts. Sometimes you are fine other times.. no
*getting a diaper change or getting dressed, If you see me grab a clean diaper you take off running
Sleeping: You sleep from around 8:30 pm-7:00 am. Well, some days you wake up at 6:00 am and that is no fun but its been a little better since the time change. You put yourself to sleep and sometimes try to throw a fit when I leave the room, but I usually just give you a big hug and a kiss and tell you to please be a sweet boy and go night, night. I lay you down and you usually give in because you are so sleepy.
Eating: You are a pretty good eater most of the time. I have learned you like variety so I try to change things up and that helps you eat more. You eat 3 meals and 2 snacks.  You also love your milk. You have milk when you wake up, before nap, and before bed.
Carrying home the christmas tree

You loved opening christmas presents

We went to the fantasy of lights in Wichita Falls and you loved the Toy Story Exhibit.

Grammy and her 3 (almost 4!) grandkids

We go to lots of parks. This park is right behind daddy's work so we go here a lot so he can come and play for a few minutes!

We celebrated Bella's 2nd Birthday at Chuck E Cheese

You love to "help" momma do anything she is doing. This was making the grocery list.

Playing with your trains 

You also really love your shopping cart and cooking in your kitchen.

Snuggling with Dada, You get so excited everyday when he gets home.

Snuggling up with momma's belly


Another Park day!

You enjoy chatting on the phone, we can't understand a word you are saying because you have your own little language you use.

Oh sweet boy you have stolen your momma's heart

We registered you for MDO! You will start in August, on your 2nd birthday. I cannot believe it sweet boy.

Best of Friends

18 Month Well Visit. Playing with trucks while waiting for the doctor


You love Grammy and watching shows on her computer!

Wes Patrick,
I cannot believe you are a year and a half old. It amazes me all the time when I am watching you from across the room and see how big you are.  You are a full blown toddler and although it does make me kind of sad we really are enjoying this stage and watching you learn new things each day.  It can be hard, as you often can't express to us what you want and you get frustrated.  I remind myself in those moments that "this too shall pass" and I KNOW one day I will be wishing these days back.  We are praying for you as you make the transition to big brother. We know that you have no clue how much your world is about to change.. but we also know someday you will love having a sister to play with!  We love you more than words buddy. We are so so thankful God trusted us to care for you and love you just the way He made you! You are precious in His sight sweet boy. We pray you always know that to be true.
Momma and Dada

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