Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Addie Grace's Birth Story

We decided to induce at 39 weeks 3 days, I was progressing some on my own and very ready to meet my sweet girl. It felt like such a treat to get to meet her so early, since Wes was born at 41 weeks 1 day.  On Wednesday morning (March 12) we went to the hospital at 6 am. I think it was perfect timing because Wes was still asleep so I didn't have to get all emotional over telling him bye. I was a little teary eyed the night before as I put him to bed, but honestly I was amazed that I wasn't more emotional. I was just so ready to meet Addie and have her here with us.
So, we got to the hospital at 6 am (ok, we were like 10 minutes late..) They took us right to our room and I remember not really feeling anxious. Since I just did all of this 18 months ago I think that really calmed my nerves. They got everything started and around 7:30 am my doctor came by and started the pitocin and asked if she could break my water. I said ok,(she also mentioned as she was doing this that Addie had a lot of hair! we were surprised) so she did and said she would be back around noon to check on me. She assumed Addie would be born sometime after 1 pm.  My mom was flying in that morning so Kathy picked her up and they came to the hospital around 11 am.  My labor was progressing steadily for awhile, my doctor checked me at 12:30 pm and I was 6 cm and 80% effaced. She decided to up the pitocin ( I had my epidural around 12 pm so I was fine with this!) In fact, before my epidural I kept telling Drew (and he agreed) it was crazy how different this labor was than my labor with Wes. I mean, I was ready for the epidural when I got it but I had really only been having painful contractions for around 2 hours. With Wes, I had been in pain for about 7 hours! So this was a breeze. haha :)  Anyways, I told my doctor I was feeling some pressure when I had a contraction and she said sometimes that happened with epidurals and it would help me to feel when it was time to push. I did not feel ANY pressure or pain after my epidural with Wes so this was very different. Around 2:00 pm I remember the pressure REALLY increased during each contraction, so much so that I was not able to carry on a conversation and really having to focus to breath through it. After an hour of doing this I noticed that the pressure was constant, not going like it had before after a contraction. I told Drew I think the nurse needs to check me.  This was at 3:00, she checked me and looked at me with kind of a shocked face. She said "yeah you are at 10 cm and 100% effaced, do NOT push." She quickly called my doctor to come over (her office is across the street). My nurse's name was Stephanie, she kept telling me to not push and wanted to leave my legs flat. (She knew that I only pushed for 10 minutes with Wes and was worried Addie might arrive before my doctor did.) Drew went to the restroom really quick (it was in the room) and when he came out he said he started to panic because he realized how quickly it was all happening. (For the 2 minutes he was in the restroom several people had came into the room, my doctor, delivery nurses, nursery nurse, etc.) They quickly prepared the bed for delivery and my doctor asked if I was ready to push. Ready was a MAJOR understatement. The pressure was so intense and I was determined to meet Addie ASAP.  I pushed for 10-15 minutes and then we meet Addie Grace.  Dr. Leah was correct, Addie had a head FULL of dark brown hair.  Wes' hair was the same color when he was born but he had just a bit of peach fuzz.  My doctor immediately laid Addie on my chest and she cried the sweetest little cries.  After a few minutes I tried to feed her and she immediately latched on.  The nurses were all laughing because Addie Grace was HUNGRY. After 5-6 minutes I pulled her off and they weighed her and got her measurements. Then when they brought her back to me she immediately began eating again. I had to get her to stop so her daddy could hold her. haha :) They gave her her bath in our room and she cried some but overall I already noticed how content she seemed.
We stayed in the hospital for 2 nights. We waited until Thursday Morning to have Wes come meet Addie because I knew all the IV cords and things might freak him out (by Thursday morning I had all of that taken off).  When Wes came to meet Addie I was pretty emotional. The minute he walked in the door I started crying and he immediately climbed up in bed with me (drew was holding Addie). When we showed Wes his baby sister he kind of stared at her for a minute.. then he tried to take her paci. haha! So we quickly gave him his.  He opened his big brother gift and played around the room and didn't show much interest in her so we didn't push it.  Addie slept really well both nights in the hospital. The first night she seemed a little less content as she kept spitting up amniotic fluid, this is common for babies who have quick delieveries.  She did NOT like getting her diaper changed and having the cold wipes put on her, but other then that she was pretty chill.
On Friday (March 14) around noon Drew and I brought Addie home. Wes and Grammy (and Lucy) were waiting here for us.  Wes wasn't a fan of Addie being with us and had a rough day.. basically he was fine as long as momma was not holding her. So I would just sneak off to our bedroom when she needed to eat.  However, when he woke up Saturday morning he kept showing a lot of interest in her and I even nursed her in front of him and he was fine! Ever since he has done really well, he is learning how to be "Easy" when he wants to touch her and he really likes to bring her toys.  I am so impressed with him so far and have NO doubt it is because of so many people praying for my sweet guy.  Addie is a sleeping beauty. I have to wake her up to eat (day and night) and she immediately falls back to sleep after she eats. Wes was such an alert newborn this is SO different.  She rarely cries unless she is cold because she is getting changed. She is such a sweet content girl.

Addie Grace,
We are so thankful we finally can hold you in our arms.  Blesssed is an understatement. We are so thankful to God for our two precious, healthy babies.  I am just amazed that I am a momma of two.  My heart just grew the minute you were born and I love you more than words.  I want to savor every little moment because I know it is all going to go by way too fast.  You are making the savoring super easy because you are such a sweet, content little girl.  We love you more than words and can't wait to watch you change and grow.

Momma and Dada

Welcome to the world sweet girl!

Tears of Joy

One proud Daddy

3:29 PM 7 lbs 11 oz 20 inches

Meeting Big Brother

First hair bow, of many!!
Getting ready to leave the hospital
Heading Home!

First night at home. You slept awesome and Momma had to wake you up to eat.

Big brother starting to show a little interest. He found your paci in your car seat and decided to take it to you.

Sleeping Beauty

Grammy and Pa really have their hands full now!

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