Monday, November 4, 2013

Bump update- halfway there!

November 4, 2013
21 weeks

I still have this horrible gag reflux that I have never had in my life.. Usually only happens when something smells really horrible (Wes' dirty diapers!) 
I'm sleeping great but waking up at least two times to go to the bathroom, I quickly fall back asleep though so that's nice! 

Crushed ice
Peanut butter/banana sandwiches
Chick fil a sandwich with 100 pickles

Addie is a kicker. She almost always seems to be laying breech and kicks at my lower abdomen, like on my panty line low! She also moves all around at night when I first lay down, around 9. Drew felt her for the first time about 2 weeks ago and now he feels her pretty much every night. She seems to move so much more than Wes did! Anytime I'm sitting on the ground playing with him and I have my legs up, like with my knees near my chest, she kicks like crazy.. I think because she is squished, haha! 

Best Moment:
Pretty much anytime someone asks me what I am having and I say "girl", it still seems surreal! I guess since I already have a boy it's hard to imagine anything else, but I'm so excited for all this girly business :) 

Looking Forward to:
March.. So I can meet my Addie Grace :) no,
Obviously I am excited to meet her but I'm really enjoying this pregnancy. This could possibly be my last time to be pregnant so I'm soaking up every kick and movement. 

Bump Picture, week 19 

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