Wednesday, May 6, 2009

17 days left!

Tonight Drew and I went to a tasting at Ashton Gardens (where we are getting married). It made it all hit us a bit that we are actually getting married in two and a half weeks. Everyone around us (other brides and grooms) kept asking when the date was and were SHOCKED when we said "May 23".. most of theirs were July or August. It just made me so excited! Our photographers were there too, we just love them. Honestly they are two of the sweetest people I know, and really feel like they are friends now after spending only two days with them for engagement and bridal portraits!
EVERYONE keeps asking me if I am stressed... and it is weird because I really am not! Last week I had a freak out moment because we have SO many people coming to the wedding... but really that is such an amazing feeling, to know that ALL those people want to be there on this amazing day! :) So I am not really stressed... I do have a constant to-do list running in my head though, kind of like a stock ticker on Fox News, but that's ok! Drew and I are getting the keys to our apt. this weekend to start moving stuff in, my goal is just to get all the new stuff out of boxes and the kitchen set up! We are so excited for the next few weeks :)