Sunday, February 20, 2011

hello again

Ok, Ok I admit..

I might be the worst blogger ever.
However, I am really good at READING blogs!

The really sad part, is I was only motivated because Shabby Blogs had changed their html's so I had to get a new background, and then I even went all out and made a header! Now that I have wasted a lot of time... I need to go do lesson plans and grade papers.

But hey, at least I accomplished making my blog look cute!

The picture on here is one we took yesterday. Drew's cousin is starting a photography business,, so she asked if she could take some pictures of us and Lucy. I was excited because we don't have very many pictures with Lucy.

Anyways, this was taken at some train tracks in Galveston, actually it is kind of strange there are literally 8 sets of tracks all next to each other. At first we parked the car behind all of the tracks in a small lot, and went off to take pictures. We decided to leave Lucy in the car with the windows down for the first few. So we are off taking pictures and....
a train came.
Seperating me from my dog, my first born (haha). I just imagined that poor baby freaking out over all the noises (it was very loud). It took forever and finally it just stopped on the tracks. We decided to climb over and... it began to jerk forward... while we were on it.
Anyways, Drew went into panic mode and jumped off and grabbed my hand so I jumped off. All the while Lucy is staring out the window wondering what the heck is going on.
Oh well, I guess I have hopped a train now?
That will be a great story for Wrtiting Workshop with my students, haha!