Monday, February 20, 2012

Bump Update- Week 14

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 14 weeks, last Friday
Size of baby: 3.4 inches- a lemon
Maternity Clothes: Wearing mostly normal clothes still, some maternity jeans, some normal jeans with belly band. I find the maternity jeans more comfortable though because I don't have to mess with them as much.
Gender: We will find out on March 22, woohoo!
Movement: Not yet but I can't wait until there is.. I read probably around week 16, so not too long!
Sleep: I am still sleeping very well, but have started getting charlie horses in my calves at night. I've always gotten these but they have become WAY more intense in pregnancy. Like, the next day I can hardly walk when I first get out of bed and it hurts to even touch my calves. I did not have any last night so that is great news!
What I miss: Still Lunchmeat.. although I have it some at home.. nothing else really :) I am loving my second trimester so far!
Cravings: Chick-Fil-A still always sounds great, the other day I was talking to my mom and she was making a pasta salad.. then I kept thinking about that, so I made one yesterday!
Symptoms: I've read that many women experience charlie horses in pregnancy, so that must be why they are so bad now. I felt nauseous yesterday for the first time in awhile, but I think I just let my stomach get too empty. Oh, I am also VERY forgetful.. which is not normally like me.
Best Moment this week: My bump is starting to show a little bit and I am wearing things that show it (I was so worried before because I just told my students 2 weeks ago) the other day one of my girls (they are all SO excited) came up to me and hugged me, she rested her head on my bump and said "Mrs. Pennywell, I really hope that baby is nice and comfy in there, I love it already!" It made me smile. They are all SO ready to know if it is a boy or a girl! It is just such an exciting time and I am trying to remember through the good parts AND the bad parts of pregnancy how BLESSED I am.

Weekly Bump Picture:

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bump Information- Week 13

I really want to try to actually blog now! I have a "Belly Book" that I have been writing in since we found out- week 5- but am not ambitious enough to go back and start there, so we will start where we are currently at, week 13! I am so happy that our secret is out and that baby pennywell is doing great. I still sometimes can't believe I am pregnant, although my new bump is making it a bit more real. Here is some information from this week:
Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 13 weeks as of yesterday
Size of baby: 2.9 inches.. a peach
Maternity Clothes: My amazing sister-in-law, Sara, passed ALL her stuff down to me a few weeks ago. I wore my first maternity jeans on Friday and they were AMAZING! I can still fit in a few of my jeans.. but I'm sure that will change soon! The ones that are already too tight I wear a belly band with.
Gender: We will find out on March 22, woohoo!
Movement: Not yet but I can't wait until there is.
Sleep: I fall into a deep sleep pretty much when my head hits the pillow. Drew even wakes me up several times saying I am breathing loud, haha! I wake up around 1 AM and 5 AM to go to the bathroom, but have no problems falling back asleep!
What I miss: Lunchmeat.. I've had it a few times at home lately where I know it is fresh and I can heat it until steaming hot first. But I've been to eat a few times and REALLY wanted a club sandwhich.. but obviously not worth the risk!
Cravings: Chick-fil-A. There is one across from my work.. thankfully I don't have time to go at my work. haha! I've only had it a few times, but that chicken sandwhich with extra pickles has been amazing each time. Oh, and pickles. I've always loved pickles.. but it has gotten ridiculous!
Symptoms: My nausea is gone, woohoo! Not that I should complain because I was very lucky and did not get that sick, I would get it in the evenings but once I fell asleep I'd be ok. I am still tired and I've been having a lot of round ligament pain, but my doctor says this is completly normal!
Best Moment this week: Seeing our baby again! Our first sonogram was at 8 weeks,Jan. 9) and that was so amazing.. hearing that heart beat and SEEING the heartbeat was just the most amazing thing ever. We got to see our baby again on Thursday (Feb. 9) this time they were doing lots of measurments, checking placenta attachment, so we got to watch for a long time! Everytime they would press down on my belly baby would put its thumb in its mouth and wiggle is legs, so precious! They said everything looks fantastic and we could not be happier. I feel so blessed and am so thankful for this little baby inside of me. I am beyond excited to be a mommy, and Drew is so excited too... oh and don't worry, I think Lucy will make a pretty good big sister, she really likes looking at the sonogram pictures ;)

I'll try to take a belly pic tonight and post it, but can't promise that will happen each week! I take them each week.. but sitting down and actually putting it on here might not happen, I will try :)