Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bump Update- Week 25

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 25 weeks, as of last Friday (5/4)
Size of baby: 13.5 inches, 1.5 lb a rutabaga 
Maternity Clothes: y-e-s. ha! I am wearing a lot of maternity shorts and tank tops on weekends because it is already hot. Lots of dresses to work for the same reason... yeah, I am gonna sweat to death this summer, ha!
Gender: sweet baby boy- and he has a name! Wes Patrick Pennywell
Movement: yes. he moves around randomly throughout the day and at night he moves the most.. mostly in the evenings. Sometimes when I get home from work and am sitting down and playing on the ipad he will kick my side so hard that my arm will move and the ipad will almost fall, haha! 
What I miss: I am certainly noticing some changes because of my belly, takes me a bit longer to get off the floor with my first graders and a bit more work to get out of bed, but it's still just funny at this point
Cravings: well the past few days.. NOTHING. I had a stomach bug.. (thanks to my first graders...) not fun! But I am feeling better, have an appetite again, and I am sure Wes is happy! When I was sick he was moving like crazy all the time.. I guess he was wondering why I was not eating.
Symptoms: my back is hurting in the evenings.. and my feet. wow! I always have heard that your feet will hurt but now I really know what that feels like!
Best Moment this week: Well on Tuesday ( a week ago today) we got to see Wes again at a sonogram- it's so fun to see how big he has gotten. It is crazy to me how much bigger he is now! He was snuggled up against my tummy so much that his nose was even being pushed in, the technician said maybe this means he will love snuggling-- I hope so!  Also Sunday morning we were laying in bed and all of a sudden my tummy felt so weird in one area... Drew and I started feeling around with our hands and realized he was really sticking a body part out, we think it was his butt. ha! It felt really cool and we have been trying to get him to do that again!