Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bump Date- Week 30

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 30 Weeks, as of last Friday (6/8)
Size of baby: 15.7 inches, 2.75 lbs (a cabbage)
Maternity Clothes: yes, thankful that school is out and I am living in shorts and tank tops
Gender: sweet baby boy- and he has a name! Wes Patrick Pennywell
Movement: ohh yes. He has turned head down and is kicking me in the ribs. I am glad he is being a good boy and turned around :) in the evenings he is crazy and when I wake up at night it takes me awhile to fall back asleep because he is so active all night long!
What I miss: easily getting up off the floor.. I am VERY thankful that I have not had bad heartburn at all in pregnancy, however the past few days I notice after I eat if I bend over my food feels as if its coming back up, so I guess that is indigestion? Nothing too bad though! It is getting HOT in Houston.. really the word I need to use is HUMID. I am going to be sweating a lot in the next 9 weeks..
Cravings: Cafe Express turkey club & sweet potato fries=heavenly.
Symptoms: in the evenings my back hurt and Drew and I walked about 2 miles tonight and my feet are in paiiiiin. My doctor put me on iron pills because I am close to being anemic, apparently like every other pregnant woman in the world. I failed my 1st glucose test because I forgot about it (preggo brain) and ate an apple before... so I got to do the awesome 3 hour test---- yes I am being sarcastic. It wasn't that bad really, and I passed. and I celebrated by eating ice cream. not really :) ok, I might of had ice cream that day-- I really don't remember..
Best Moment this week: School is out (praise Jesus!) and I am enjoying baking, cooking, and doing pinterest projects! Wes' nursery is almost complete and I love how everything has come together!  I am loving that I have about 9 weeks of pregnancy left. I know at times that is going to seem like a LONG time but I am so thankful I have had an easy pregnancy and am SO excited to meet my sweet little boy!  Everytime I think about it I get giddy and start tearing up. I am treasuring the last moments of just Drew and I (and Lucy) but also super excited to see my sweet hubby as a daddy and my lucy goose as a sister.