Thursday, July 26, 2012

Week 36 bump update

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 36 Weeks, tomorrow (7/27) starts week 37
Size of baby: 18.75 inches, 5.75 pounds crenshaw melon (whatever that is!)
Maternity Clothes: all the time
Gender: sweet baby boy- and he has a name! Wes Patrick Pennywell
Movement: not feeling as many kicks to my ribs (thank you Wes!) but lots of sliding motions as Wes is running out of room.. I keep getting worried he is gonna turn around (he is currently head down) with how much he moves sometimes, but my doctor reassured me he doesn't have enough room to want to turn around.. just moving a lot to try to get comfortable in his cramped space.  I keep reminding him that when he comes out he will have all the space he needs- so hurry it up :) 
What I miss: getting out of bed is getting pretty difficult--and I am doing it more now that he is dropping! Oh well, only a few more weeks left :) Now that he is dropping I feel like I am doing more of a waddle-- I am normally always such a fast walker but this has changed for sure!
Cravings: tuscan cantaloupes (I eat at least one a week.. sometimes two...) , cold milk.. chick fil a --I  had not had chick fil a in quite a while and Drew and I went last Friday.. about half way through my sandwich and fries I could not eat anymore and was super sad!.. don't worry I took it home for a snack later :) 
Symptoms: he is dropping and I feel lots of pressure in my abdomen, my back hurts a lot at night and I have some BH contractions, normally nothing that keeps me up though.  I had my weekly apt today and my doctor said he is still not fully engaged, and I am not dilated at all. My doctor is happy about this because she has a broken leg and can't deliver babies until Aug. 10, so she is hoping I make it until then. (I am sure I will!) Also, my mom is flying in August 14, so I am thinking August 15 would be a great day to come Wes Patrick, k? Thanks :)
Best Moment this week: I just got home from our last shower- at Drew's work. It was very sweet of them to do that and we are all ready for Wes! Car seat installed.. bag semi-packed..woohoo!  I don't feel like he is going to come early and am pretty certain I will see week 40.. but you never know. We are very excited and it is all kind of surreal.    
and here I am... last day of week 36 and I seriously don't know how this tummy has any more space for that sweet boy to grow, it is insane! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wes' Room

Well Wes' room is just about complete! I have been working on it since about March because I am a planner and was anxious to get started as soon as we knew he was a boy! We started by hiring painters to paint the green stripes and the other 3 walls. I could have never made those stripes perfectly straight and they did a great job! Totally worth the cost of painters over my sanity :)
This is the view from the doorway. Our house has a split floor plan and the other 2 guest bedrooms are on the opposite side of the house. Wes' room is a small room right next to our master bedroom- it is perfect for a nursery. 

 My sofa glider.. I searched long and hard for the perfect chair and finally found it! It is a Little Castle Glider and I ordered it from Buy Buy Baby. My parents brought it here from Ft. Worth last week so we are happy to finally have it! It fits perfectly and is very comfortable.  The frame above it is inspired from Pinterest, just a piece of plywood painted and a frame put on, obviously no picture in the frame yet.. that will have to wait about 5 more weeks :)
 The changing table was my Gram's Buffet. I sanded it, Drew spray painted it, and then I added an antique glaze. We love the way it turned out and my mom couldn't believe it was the same piece of furniture when she saw it. The canvas above the changing table was made by my best friend, Kailey. It looks perfectly in his nursery and I could have NEVER made those words look so neat and straight. The perks of having a perfectionist for a best friend :)
 Beside the door are another pinterest inspired project, book shelves for his board books! My wonderful hubby made these and they turned out perfect!
 I found Wes' crib at Storkland in Wichita Falls. I was home for Easter weekend registering and saw it and loved it! I came back to Houston and found a store here that could order it, we had to wait around 8 weeks to get it and were so excited when it finally arrived at the warehouse!  You can't see in the picture but the sides are solid wood panels and so it doesn't look like a baby jail.. for some reason when I was crib shopping they all reminded me of baby jails and I couldn't find one I liked. The drawer on the bottom pulls out for storage. It also converts into a toddler bed and then a full size bed.  Next to his crib is a precious frog rocker that some family friends gave us. It sings songs and says "Wes Patrick" on the bottom rail. On the left of his crib is his MamaRoo, an amazing swing that our shower hostess gave us this past weekend! It will probably be moved into our room for the beginning of his life, but for now we put it here. The little shelf to the left of the crib has some block letters that say his name, a big wooden "W" and a small piggy bank, also there is a small bronze rocking horse that was in Drew's nursery.

So that is Wes' room! Drew and I are so happy with the way it turned out and can't wait for our sweet boy to be here. Lucy enjoys her brothers room too,  and has taken many naps on the floor while I have been working in there.