Monday, July 29, 2013

11 Months Old: July 25, 2013
 Weight:  19 pounds, 8 ounces (weighed at home)
Head Circumference: n/a
Diapers: Size 3, about to start 4 when we run out of 3sClothes:   Most onesies and rompers you are 12 months. PJ's are 12-18  months. All of your 9 month shorts are now too small, so you are in 12 M for just about everything and can fit in some 18 M stuff (for length)

*your play food set that Koko bought you
*walking behind any walking toy - this is all you do!
*opening the drawer on the coffee table and pulling everything out
*"throwing" toys, you like to toss things now
*waving (you kind of stick your arm out real straight and then barely move your hand, its cute!)
*watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Agent Oso
*watching Lucy play fetch

New Things:
*you are still pulling up on everything. You have gotten much better at "cruising" along the furniture and will even let go and stand for a split second, before you realize you aren't hanging on to anything.
*you are into pushing your toys that you can walk behind, this is basically all you've wanted to do the past 2 days. Last night we even took one out in the culdesac and you pushed it all around, you are VERY proud of yourself as you do it.
*you are starting to "throw" things. you will toss your toys and then laugh.
*you are saying even more sounds and you mimic us a lot, you say "uh oh" and sometimes you will say "bye" 

You take 2 naps most days. Your schedule is pretty much the same as last month. You can be awake anywhere from 3.5-4 hours and then you are ready to nap. You sleep anywhere from an hour and 15 minutes- 2 hours.  You can skip your morning nap and just take a long afternoon one IF we are really busy, you can make it until about 12:30 and then you will sleep until 2:30 or 3. Most days I still give you 2 naps because you are much more content. You go to bed about 8pm and have been putting yourself to sleep without crying (YAY) HOWEVER... you are still waking up around 4ish.. so I am trying to wean you of that feeding and get you to not wake up. You go back to sleep until around 7 or 7:30.

Eating:  You take 2 bottles (6 oz), one before each nap, and one before bedtime (8 oz). I have started offering you whole milk in a sippy cup occasionallly to start to get you used to it. You like it ok but you are much more inclined to want a bottle. You also eat 2 snacks, one around 9:30 am and one around 4:30 pm.   You are really into fruit (grapes, watermelon, oranges) you want to eat it all the time, you also really like black beans.

Pictures from this month:
every evening while I am getting dinner ready you cruise around in this and eat shredded cheese, haha

first airplane ride! We had 2 flights and if was just you and me, you did awesome!!

You took a nap during our 1.5 hour layover, woohoo!!

First Hotel stay with mommy and grammy. We were in Abilene for my friend Emily's wedding. You slept great!

After the wedding we went back go Grammy and pa's for a few days, you had so much fun!

Visiting Grammy's dentist office

With your cousins at the fourth of July parade!

You LOVE watermelon.

This is my life these days.. finding what you have gotten into! You love the toilet paper and anytime you see the bathroom door open you head straight for it.

We took some pictures of you for your birthday invitation. It was SO HARD trying to get you to stay still!

We went to the lakehouse with friends, you had a good time!

You hung out in your float on the lake for over an hour, I was very proud of you!

You even went "fishing" with this set that Aunt Kris got you. You were hilarious and kept "casting" it and almost hitting everyone around you.

Just a day at home with mommy, I love our days together Wes!

Pushing your car, you love this!

I can't believe it..

First time in the car cart at HEB, you loved it!

This is out of order, but you and Rich had matching Pj's during the 4th of july weekend at the bayhouse. I love how yall almost have the same expression.

Wes Patrick,
Next month you will be ONE. That is crazy. One year ago we were anticipating your arrival and wondering what our new lives would be like. Looking back a LOT has changed.. but we would not have it any other way.  You are a silly boy that also is a bit cautious and really loves to know that his mommy is close by.  You get so excited every night when Daddy gets home from work. I am not sure who gets a bigger grin- you or him.  You are on the go and constantly want to be entertained. You are really good at entertaining yourself though and playing with your toys. You love watching tv and eating snacks... so yes, you are all boy! haha :) We love you so much and this month has been so fun, we are so excited to celebrate you turning one soon. 
Mommy & Daddy