Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Long Day...

Today was picture day at school.

I am no longer a fan of picture day!

You would of thought I had changed everything about my classroom and re-arranged our entire routine. When really everything was the same, except for the 25 minutes or so that we were taking pictures.
Oh, 6 year olds.

Then after school I called one of my students parents and pretty much wasted ten minutes of my life. Apparently its ok for a 6 year old to be very disrespectful and not follow directions if they are tired...

In other news, Drew got a new truck!
It is a Toyota Tundra and it is huge. It is 4 door and it has more room inside than my Rav4 I believe. Lucy has not gotten to go for a ride yet (no she will not be riding in the bed) so we will be taking her soon! The back window rolls down just like it did in his 4runner and I know she will love that!

My parents and grandmaw came this weekend and Drew and I were house sitting for my aunt and uncle so we all stayed there! Sara, Rich and Chad and their dogs came and stayed too! We had a lot of fun and as always the weekend went by way to quickly. Rich is really starting to change so much, he is so alert and when that sweet boy smiles at me my heart just melts. Writing about him kind of makes me want to drive over to Pearland and hold him right now! :)

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