Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Week 38-- The end is near..

I am on day 5 of week 38 and so ready to meet my sweet boy.  I go through moments where my patience is gone and I am SOOO ready, and other moments where I know he will come on his time and I am trying to enjoy every last movement I feel from him.  It is hard to believe that its almost been 40 weeks, in ways it feels like I have been pregnant so much longer, and in other ways it seems so much shorter....                                                                           

The night we found out we were pregnant...
So excited and shocked!  
The first weekly bump picture.  I think the tiny bump we see is from all my holiday eating and not so much from a baby, haha :) 

and here we are now.. week 38! Almost there :)

I am not really feeling like writing out the weekly information. Not too much has changed.  I am going to the doctor weekly now, I will go again on Thursday.  As of last Thursday we had no progress...nada...nothing!! I kind of felt like this would happen and am just soaking up the sleep I can get right now and the time I get to spend with Drew.  My mom flies in next Tuesday so I am really excited for the next week to go by and her to be here!  Obviously if something happens before then she will drive down.  Some days I have quite a few BH contractions and other days nothing is going on.  Wes will come when he is ready.. although if he is really content in there we will talk about inducing after 40 weeks.  I feel like by then he has had plenty of time and can go ahead and come out and meet us.  Wes Patrick-- hurry up! You have SO many people ready to see you and hold you... Especially your mommy :)

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