Monday, September 9, 2013

Bump Update- First Trimester Review

Well, now that the secret is out I really want to try to write at least every few weeks about this pregnancy so I can remember things. It is fun to look back at my posts about my last pregnancy and compare/contrast things.
Pregnancy Information:

September 9, 2013
13 Weeks
Today officially marks the beginning of the 2nd trimester (WOOHOO!) I am so relieved that the beginning is over. I am going to write about my first trimester today.

This pregnancy has been SO different from my pregnancy with Wes. I found out I was pregnant when I was almost 6 weeks. My only real reason I thought "I might be pregnant" was because I was exhausted and taking naps everyday.  I decided to test just in case and those 2 blue lines showed up IMMEDIATELY.  I told Drew and we both felt: happy, surprised, shocked, excited.
haha :)  I really couldn't believe I was pregnant, it was harder to believe than when I got pregnant with Wes because we weren't trying and I wasn't expecting it.
nausea/ morning sickness: Around week 8 I really started feeling morning sickness.. all. day. long. I started gagging all the time to smells and just not feeling good. Thankfully, I never really would throw up I would just feel pretty crummy all day long. This finally started getting a little better around week 10, and is almost non-existent now (week 12)
tired: I have also been SUPER tired, and have been taking full advantage of Wes' naptime! I have started to get my energy back the past week and am really excited about that! As much as I have enjoyed napping at naptime it will be nice to be able to get things done.
hungry : I noticed my appetite increasing around week 9 and have really made myself eat snacks even when it does NOT sound appetizing. I find that usually I will start to feel better a bit after eating (a small snack) even if I don't feel like it. I also have found if I didn't get too full at meals it helped me not feel as nauseous.
emotional: A symptom I really didn't experience with Wes.. this has been a new ballgame! I cry so easily! One night I was crying and laughing at the same time and Drew asked me "Are you crying or are you laughing?" and I said "I don't even know!" haha. At least I can recognize that I am being overly emotional and usually calm myself down.

Something about pregnancy.. makes food taste SO good. haha :)  Some of these have been the same as with Wes!
Chick Fil A chicken sandwich (With extra pickles.. like 20)
Ice water with Lemon (crushed ice)
bananas with peanut butter
garlic bread

Best Moment:
Well, out of the whole first trimester I would say the best moment was seeing baby (again) last week. I actually have already had 3 sonograms. I went to my old OB the day after I found out I was pregnant and she did a sonogram (I was almost 6 weeks) we saw baby and the heartbeat but it was slow (she was not concerned since it was so early) Then at 9.5 weeks I saw my new OB (My old OB is sadly not delivering right now, she has little kids and wants to be at home more). She recommended my new OB and they are very similar so I am glad I like her too :) I still miss Dr. Blackwell though! Anyways, my new OB, Dr. Leah, did a sonogram and we saw baby at 9.5 weeks. Then, at 11 weeks I went back to my new OB and saw a tech who preformed a end of first trimester ultrasound. This one was much more detailed and I LOVED watching that sweet baby move all around. She said our baby is REALLY into sucking their thumb :) It was so cute it just kept putting that thumb in it's mouth.

Another great moment.. over the past weekend I started feeling those little flutters. I was unsure at first but now know for sure that is what it is. It feels so awesome and I am just so grateful to the Lord for this sweet little baby.

Looking Forward to:
In about a month we will find out if baby is a BOY or a GIRL! Woohoo.. I am so so ready to know!

And here is a Week 12 bump picture. This baby bump is growing FAST.

Dear Wes- 12 months

12 Months Old: August 25, 2013
 Length: 31 3/4 inches long
 Weight:  20 pounds, 7 ounces
Head Circumference:
Diapers: Size 3, about to start 4 when we run out of 3s 
Clothes:   Most onesies and rompers you are 12/18 months. PJ's are 12-18  months. 12 Month shorts
*being held by Mama.. you are going through a stage where you ALWAYS want me.
*walking behind any walking toy - this is all you do!
*Walking on your own-you only do it when we are on the floor ready to catch you, so far the most you have taken is about 12 steps at once.
*You love to point, and then make noises. It has made it easier to know what you want!

New Things:
*walking on own (only when we are on the floor with you)
*pointing at everything
*always wanting Mama...
*You are becoming such a snuggler. You will just crawl over for a snuggle from me or daddy and you always go over to Lucy and snuggle her.
*You are getting your molars, your gums have been very swollen on top and bottom.

You officially dropped your 2nd nap this month. You take one nap around 12:30 and usually sleep an hour and a half.  Occasionally you sleep 2 hours if you are very tired. You go to bed at 8:00 and wake up usually between 7:00-7:30 sometimes you wake up crying once a night and I think its from your molars.

Eating:  The week after your birthday we stopped giving you a bottle. I just started offering a sippy cup before your nap and you seemed a little confused but took it fine. The next night I started doing it at bedtime too. You are drinking whole milk and you took the switch just fine! I am trying to offer the milk to you with meals too because you don't drink much before your nap or bedtime, usually 3 ounces or so. But you are really into eating your snacks. I give you a morning snack and an afternoon snack in between meals and you love snack time!

Pictures from this month:
You really like riding in the car cart at HEB!

We have spent lots of time being lazy this month, I was so tired everyday and you are getting your molars.

We have visited several splash pads this month. The first time you were so adventurous and the past 2 times you have wanted me to be by your side the whole time.

You and Lucy, two peas in a pod! So cute.

I now have a toddler.. I cannot believe it.

This was taken one year ago (Aug.17, 2012) on your due date, and one year later. I still can't believe you were NINE days late. That is ok though buddy you were worth it! The funny part is I am also 9 weeks pregnant on the picture on the right :)

Spaghetti night.. you are SO messy at meal time. You love to put food in your HAIR.

Your new treehouse from Grammy and Pa.

Your birthday party- A "timeline" of all of your "firsts"

Cupcakes at your party

Eating your cake. You HATED the singing (even though I had everyone sing quietly you still did not like it) but you really enjoyed the cupcake, especially the icing :)

The first gift you opened- this is how we announced we are expecting!

I am SO sad that I have very few pictures from your party.. it was all just so crazy!

Checking out the icing

The next day, your actual birthday. We went to Pappasitoes before Grammy, Pa, Grandmaw, Chad, Sara, Rich and Bella left.

Then you had ANOTHER birthday celebration at the lake! Here you are with Aunt Kris

You are a monkey buddy!

One year old!

Wes Patrick,
Well Buddy, we survived the first year. In ways it seems so much longer then that and in other ways so much shorter.  It is so hard to imagine life before you in ways.  You have brought so many smiles to mine and your daddy's face in the past year! It is crazy to think about how much you have changed this year too. We are looking forward to watching you learn even more new things and and are so thankful you are a happy healthy toddler!  We love you Wes Patrick.
Mommy and Daddy