Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I need to write this stuff down...

I am loving 1st grade. I have a very "active" class but they are also sweet and funny! Some great moments so far:

* I had a little "come to Jesus meeting" with three of my students the other day because they were being very, very chatty during Writer's Workshop. After letting them know that I was sad/mad and that they would be practicing writing quietly at recess, G. comes up to me crying.. "But Mrs. Pennywell... Do you still love me?" ---He can be so cute sometimes...

*I was teaching my class how to write initials, "You write the first letter of your first name, and the first letter of your last name. Like mine is LP, because my name is Leslee Pennywell"
J: "WAIT... your first name isn't 'Mrs'??"

* me: "G, what can I do to help you to sit still and listen when we are on the carpet?" G: "Well... just tell me to listen and I am gonna try real hard, ok??"

*I was talking to C. while we were writing "Well, I am writing this story about when I was a baby. And I remember because my dad told me about it.. he was holding me, and we were at a wedding, and I kept sticking my finger in his beer and then licking it because it tasted so good" ... alrightyyy.

*When I was about to read a book one day, I was holding it up and talking about it.. I was talking about the author and there was a picture of a man on the back of the book.. one of my students yells "ITS JESUS!!!"

*C: "Mrs. Pennywell, I know not to put my middle finger up because that means you hate God. And No body should ever do that because why would you hate God??!"

They are cute, and innocent. I really need to write stuff down, I laugh to myself several times a day and wish there was another adult in the room because this stuff is hilarious :)


Stephanie Marie said...

The one about the kid's "memory" as a baby is my favorite! Hilarious!

Amanda Fouts said...

hahahaha I'm dying over here!! That's hilarious!!!!! I love when you share about your classroom reddy!!

Mercynursey said...

Thanks so much for sharing this. You will be glad that you are writing this down. My mom had so many funny stories from her 40+ years of teaching and when we're together sometime I'll tell you. We still laugh about some of them.

Be sure that your chatty kids can hear. Rob got in so much trouble because he couldn't hear the teacher so he just conducted his own little class with the kids around him. When he FINALLY got tubes in his ears and could hear, his behavior got much better AND his reading abilities soared!

Thanks again for sharing! You made my day. xo gc

Sara Stone said...

So cute!