Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh 6 year olds...

Me: "G, I am very proud of you, you have been making good choices and working hard, way to go!"
G: "Can you start paying me for being good?"
In his defense, there was a book fair going on, he wanted those awesome erasers.. ohh goodness.

I was reading a big book with my students one day and practicing reading strategies. I pointed to the word "playing" and asked M. "How do you think I can figure out what this word says?" He replied... Mrs. Pennywell, I think you know what that word is.
----Hey, at least he thinks I am smart!

They also are very fascinated with Drew and everything about him.. they keep asking me if I will bring him to show- and-tell. (They have given up asking about bringing Lucy because I told them she was really scared of kids... which sadly is true.) haha

Well, there are a million more but I am tired and can't think of them at the moment!

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Brenda said...

Keep those cute commets coming.. I love reading them. One day you'll be so glad you wrote them all down.... I love you, Mom