Sunday, August 19, 2012

40 weeks.. and 3 days

Wes Patrick,
Your due date was Friday and it was a very uneventful day.  Mommy went to Galveston with Grammy and Kathy. We ate and walked around a lot and hoped maybe since we were traveling away from the hospital (not too far) you might decide to join us.  Mommy is very ready for you to come join us but you seem very content inside. I went to the doctor on Thursday and had made a little bit of progress (thinning, but not dilated).  We go back on Tuesday morning for a non-stress test and will either induce on Tuesday or Thursday, depending on how things look. I am still praying that you will jut come on your own before then... but I know that God knows exactly when you will make your debut so I rest in that!  Your Grammy flew in last Tuesday and has been keeping me busy while Daddy is at work. We go on lots of walks, talk lots about you, and shop!  I am still sleeping pretty well so I am very thankful for that, I know I will need my rest once you arrive.  Some moments I can't believe you are still not here.. and I start to wonder if I will be pregnant for forever.. I know that is not true though. Next week right now I will be holding you in my arms and that is a sweet, sweet feeling.  Today we went to church and I kept thinking "this is for sure my last time to not be here with Wes in my arms." I am rubbing my belly a lot and cherishing you move around (you are still moving like crazy.. despite the tiny amount of space you have in there!) I know I will miss these things and I feel so blessed that I have gotten you all to myself for the last 40 weeks.  I can't wait to see what you look like and to feel those little feet from the outside. Daddy and I can feel them pretty well now when you stick them up and its so crazy to us that you are in there.. so close yet so far away.  We can't wait for you to come and if you want to come tonight.. we are ok with that.  I am glad my next blog post will be about your birth.

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Jessica and Chris said...

Hang in there! All in God's perfect timing... even if the Dr. has to help :) Can't wait to see the little guy! Your world is about to change in the most wonderful way! XOXO