Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wes: 1 Month Old!

1 Month Old: September 25, 2012
Length: 23 inches
Weight: Last week you were 9.4 lbs, so probably a bit more than that!
Diapers: You can squeeze into our leftover newborns if I know you will be getting changed soon, other then that you are in size 1
Clothes: 0-3 months, you can't fit in any of your newborn stuff because you are too long.  Some of the 3 month stuff is a bit big, mostly because you are so skinny. You are long and lean :)
Likes: riding in the MOVING car (not a fan of stop lights), sitting outside, going on walks, looking at yourself in the mirror, laying on mommy or daddy's chest, eating, your paci,  you LOVE bath time and when Daddy gives you a massage after your bath!
New Things: You are focusing so much more on our faces, you follow an object with your eyes, you suck your thumb occasionally, you are starting to coo a lot, especially when you look in your mirror on your play mat :)
Dislikes: You sometimes get overly stimulated and tired around 7 pm, it is your "witching hour" and mommy really tries to get you to sleep before 7. Sometimes you fight it and then you get so upset because you are so tired. This is the only time you are fussy and it normally is avoidable so we are thankful for that! If you are awake you like to be able to see us, you are fine in your swing or bouncer as long as you can see what we are doing.
Sleep: Wes you are a wonderful sleeper.. I am thankful for this everyday and also know it could go away at any point. (please don't change this!) you nap in 2 and 3 hour stretches during the day. When you are awake I aim for about 50 minutes tops and then get you back to sleep.  You sleep in 3 and 4 hour stretches at night and sometimes even a 5 hour stretch! Since you love a paci so much if you wake up before the 3 hours I try to just give you that and most of the time you fall back asleep.
Crying: other then the "witching hour" we don't hear you cry very much. Of course you give a soft cry to let me know you are hungry or tired.. but as soon as Mommy gives you what you need you are quiet. Every now and then when we are at a stop light in the car you will scream for a minute or two but you calm yourself down.
Eating: You eat every 3 hours during the day and everything 3-5 hours at night, depending on how long you sleep. I didn't have to work really to get you on a schedule, you kind of did it naturally. I think you really like your schedule and that you can predict what is going to happen in your day. I notice if we are out and things change significantly you are more fussy that evening.

Pictures from this month:

You took your first car trip. We went to Burleson for Rich's 3rd Birthday Party.  Rich LOVES you.  He loves to look at you and gets the biggest grin as he says "Thats my little cousin, baby W!" (Rich says "w-les" so we taught him to call you Baby W. He tells you that he is going to teach you to play baseball and ride on the tractor with Pa- boy you are gonna have fun with him!!
We go on a walk after your morning feed, around 8 am.  I was worried how Lucy would do with the jogging stroller but she actually does really well.  Most of the time you stay awake and look around, but some days you take a little nap.
You have a wake time around noon where you really like to play on your play mat. You are in such a good mood you even happily have a few minutes of tummy time. Lucy loves to smell your diaper to see if your clean when you are laying on your play mat.

You LOVE your bath. We take a bath every night around 6:30. Daddy turns on the heater and warms up the bathroom, then you and mommy get in the bathtub. After you are finished Daddy gives you a massage with lotion and puts your PJ's on. You enjoy this process so much and Daddy really enjoys this time with you after work.
You look so cute in your hooded towels. Mommy and Daddy love how happy you are at bath time!

Last Tuesday we started going to a Mommy's group at the hospital. It is a breastfeeding group. You looked SO big compared to some of the other are growing SO fast! You weighed 9 lbs 4 oz. We didn't get to go this week because you had a stuffy nose.

Daddy went on a Men's Retreat at the church last weekend. Grammy came and stayed with me and you! Before he left I pumped a bottle so Daddy could feed you, you loved it!

Just about every time you get in your car seat you fall asleep. I am thankful for this and hope it lasts! 

1 month old!

Today when we were on your playmat you kept talking to yourself as you looked in the mirror. It was so cute. I would put my head down in the mirror to and you would smile, it melted my heart.

Wes Patrick,
Your daddy and I cannot believe that you are ONE month old!  In ways.. the past month has gone by so fast.. in other ways it seems long because it is hard to imagine life before you!  We are so amazed at how fast you are changing and growing.  We are so thankful for God for blessing us with such a sweet, happy little boy.  We are so excited to watch you change and grow and cherish each moment. You are one LOVED little boy!
Mommy and Daddy

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