Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wes' first 2 weeks

So I am going to do monthly updates for Wes.. but wanted to go ahead and do one for the first 2 weeks. He has changed so much already and I don't want to forget the beginning.

Wes Patrick,
It is so hard to believe that a little over 2 weeks ago you were still in my tummy. Our world has changed so much and your daddy and I can't imagine life without you.  We came home from the hospital on Monday August 27.  
In your car seat on the way home from the hospital... you slept the whole way!
Once we got home you hung out in your bassinet on your pack n play. It's in mommy and daddy's room and it's where you'll sleep your first few weeks.
You are very alert around 9-10 every morning and 6-7 every evening.

You are a smiler!! Every time I am rocking you, you get the biggest grins as you start to fall asleep. We showed the pediatrician this  picture and she couldn't believe you were smiling so big at 4 days old.

For your one week birthday daddy bought cupcakes. Your daddy is so in love with you! 

Taking your first nap in your crib.  You don't sleep in in that great at the moment because you wiggle around (in your swaddle sack) and wake yourself up.

Nicole came over and took your newborn pictures last Tuesday. You were a pro and we had so much fun taking them!

Your sister Lucy is already protective of you. When you cry in your sleep at night she whines at me to go and pick you up.  She loves to smell you.

You LOVE to take a paci.  This is a wubbanub. It is your favorite Mommy loves it because it helps the paci to stay in your mouth. The soothie pacifiers are the only ones you will take.

Your Daddy went back to work on Monday.  He has come home everyday for lunch and can't wait to hold you when he gets home.  I love watching his face light up when he has you.. there is nothing sweeter.  

I can only imagine how much more you will change in the next 2 weeks.  You are growing SO much already and I am already putting you in size 1 diapers at night.  At your 2 week check up you weighed 8 lbs 2 ozs and were 22 inches long.  You are nursing really well but sometimes are a bit fussy afterwards, I have learned I really have to work hard to get some good burps out of you- you are quite the gassy little boy!  You are a GREAT sleeper and sleep in 3 and 4 hour stretches each night-- sometimes you even give mommy a 5 hour stretch which is just heavenly!  You LOVE your bath and we give it to you around 7 pm each night. After that you have a bit of a "witching hour" as mommy feeds you before bed. You normally don't fall asleep until close to 9:30 but once you are asleep you stay asleep so that is good!  We love you so much Wes and can't imagine our world without you.  

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