Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wes- 3 Months

3 Months Old: November 25, 2012
Length: 24 inches (measured at home)
Weight:  13 pounds, 3 oz.
Head Circumference: 15.5 inches (66%) -thats from your 2 month check up.
Diapers: Size 2
Clothes: 3-6 months and some just 6 months. Totally depends on the brand. Some 3 M stuff is too short.. but most 6 M stuff is too big around your waist. You are still long and lean. You have a few little rolls on your upper thighs.. but your tummy has no rolls because of your length!
*ceiling fans.. you love watching it go around.. and you love to "talk" to it.
*your hands..you normally either have your hands in your mouth, your paci, or now you also will suck your bottom lip.
*mommy and daddy- you love to look at us and "talk" to us. You also love for us to coo to you or sing to you.. you give us the BIGGEST smiles
*you still LOVE your bath and massage. I have no doubt it is your favorite time of the day!
*Nursing.. you love to eat.
*Baby Einstein... if you are upset.. turn this on and its like magic. You coo and talk to it and move all around.
*your jumper
New Things: 
*You can roll over both ways, but you tend to do tummy to back more. 
*You enjoy tummy time! Now that you can lift your arms up you like it
*you are talking even more, we have full "cooing" conversations with you.
*Your Jumper: We got it from your cousins (Rich and Bella) a few weeks ago, you love to jump and look and touch the toys.
*You reach for things.. you love to hold your paci but unfortunately can't put it in your mouthDislikes:  
*You fight your naps, once I have you calmed down and relaxed you enjoy it but you fight me to get relaxed a lot of times.. we've been all over the place changing your wake time to defeat this.. but I have come to the conclusion you LOVE night sleep.. and DISLIKE nap sleeps. Oh well! 
*You still HATE when you are in your car seat and the car is not moving.
*You hate when I am about to feed you and set you down to do something.. you start this pitiful cry to let me know I hurt your feelings. (still do this from month 2)
*You do not like loud noises that startle you. This is the most upset you get.. if something happens and you weren't expecting it you get this look.. and then scream and have BIG tears. It just really scares you I guess.
Sleep:  Like I said earlier.. you love nighttime sleep... not so much daytime. You have 3-4 naps a day. I try to do 4 but sometimes you won't ever fall asleep for the last one. Just look around in your crib or swing. One great thing is you are very content being alone in your crib or swing... sometimes it just takes you so long to get yourself to sleep that you get frustrated and over tired.. so when that happens I will rock you. You go to bed at 7pm (bath at 6:30, asleep by 7) and you wake up once, sometimes twice, to eat. You sleep until 7:15 or so. You normally only have one "good nap" (which to Mommy is 2 hours) all the other ones are around 1 hour.. sometimes just 45 minutes. I have tried everything to help you nap longer but you really aren't fussy...so I am over trying! 

Crying: You are pretty content these days. If you are cryings it is almost always because you are over tired... which has gotten much better lately. Luckily you get a lot of good sleep at night so this keeps you happy even with not so good naps. 

Eating: You eat every 3 to 3.5 hours during the day. This month you got a lot more "efficient" with your nursing and only eat for around 15 minutes total, where it used to be 25. You also pull off a lot and "talk" to me or look around. 
Pictures from this month:
Your first Halloween, you were the cutest Moose ever! We didn't do much of a costume because all you did was take a picture with the neighbor kids.. then you went to bed!

You are smiling all the time now.. especially in the morning or after a nap!

Your little personality is starting to show, it is so cute to watch the faces you make and to watch you look around all the time trying to figure things out.

You are FINALLY enjoying tummy time! 

This was the picture we used on the slideshow at your dedication at church.

Right before your dedication. This was a special time because it is letting the church family know you are our son and that we want to be challenged to raise you to know Christ.

You love to hold on to your "lovie" while you nap. I don't give it to you at night because I can't watch you... but it really helps you fall asleep during naps you "rub" its arms or ears. 

November 14 was your sister Lucy's birthday! She sure loves to watch you play, give you kisses, and sniff your diaper. 

Your Aunt Sara gave us Bella's Jumparoo! You are finally figuring out you can move yourself around and are starting to reach out for some of the toys. Although your favorite thing to do is suck on the seat cover! 

We took a trip to Bulverde to see Aunt Laura and Uncle Micah's new house. It is BEAUTIFUL! You did such a great job in the car and you also were a really good baby and slept well in a new place.

Your daddy LOVES mornings when he doesn't have to work and he can snuggle with you. Your eyes are so similar to your daddy's!

For Thanksgiving Grammy, Pa, Rich, Bella, Aunt Sara and Uncle Chad ALL came to stay with us! It was so much fun :) 

Your monthly diaper picture. This month you realized you could take the sticker off and chew on it.

Your first Thanskgiving. You were all smiles! We hosted the Pennywell bunch at our house, and then went to Galveston for Kathy and Rusty's. You did really well since that day was very much off our schedule.

Grammy has bought you MANY santa outfits. You look so cute in them!

You are now "talking" so much more. Certainly when you are eating. You love to stop and tell me several things and then just start eating again. Thankfully, you only do this during day time feedings.. not at night!

You are taking quite a while to fall asleep for your naps.. and I am hoping you get better at this! Here you are deciding to perfect the art of rolling over during your nap the other day!

Wes Patrick,
Your daddy and I can't believe how much you have changed this month. You are so expressive and we can just sit and listen to your little noises for hours. I think all 3 of us love bath time the most. Daddy is home, and we get to watch your face light up as daddy brings you in the bathroom. He undresses you and talks to you about your day and tries to get you to laugh. Mommy gives your bath and lately, we've been singing christmas songs. (I think your favorite is Rudolph) Then, Daddy dries you off, gives you a massage and gets you dressed for bed. I love this time together and I know your daddy does to. We can't wait to spend Christmas with you this year, the Holidays are even more special with you around. You are such a blessing to us and we thank God for allowing us to be your parents and pray that we always go to Him to help us be the best parents we can be. 
Mommy and Daddy

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