Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wes Patrick- Month 4

4 Months Old: December 25, 2012
Length: 26.5 inches (measured at home)
Weight:  14 pounds, 4 oz (weighed at home)
Head Circumference:  I'll add in later, we have your 4 month check up on Jan. 3
Diapers: Size 2
Clothes: 6 months. you can wear some stuff if it says 3-6 months but some of it is too short. All of your 3M pj's are too short, you have to wear the 6 Month.
*"flying" with daddy. You get the biggest gummy smiles
*watching tv (you will roll over to find it once you hear it is on)
*your jumparoo and exersaucer
*bath time (still your favorite)
*standing up (you LOVE to stand!)
*rolling onto your tummy (constantly!)
*having something (ANYTHING) to chew on
*talking... you can be quite loud and seem to be pretty proud of yourself

New Things: 
*You went a few weeks where you didn't really roll over, now you are rolling from your back to your tummy constantly.
*talking in a LOUD voice.. recently you have discovered how loud your voice can get.. its interesting to say the least. 
*grabbing for toys
*you have found your feet and love pulling them up
*trying to roll over during diaper and clothes changes
*sitting up, you can sit up so well and barely need any support, just one hand on your back.
*you enjoy sitting up.. but what you really enjoy is standing. You constantly lock your legs so you can stand up (obviously we are supporting you with our hands)
*laughing: you don't do it often.. although the person you do it the MOST for is Aunt Kathy-- you must really like her :)

Sleep:  Your naps are the same as last month. Anywhere from 45 minutes - 2 hours depending on how tired you are. Lately you have woken yourself up a lot rolling over. You go to bed at 8pm and on a good night wake up once around 2 am to eat and then are up for the day at 7 am. Some nights you eat twice, once around 12 am and once around 4 am. Obviously I enjoy the once a night more but it seems random as to when you wake up twice. Oh well! 

Crying: Oh Wes.. your Daddy and I have gotten some good laughs by watching you "pout". YOU put on quite a little show. If you are unhappy and things aren't going your way you will pull out that bottom lip, and start the most pitiful cry. Then, daddy and I will do something funny and you immediately get a HUGE grin.  You really don't cry out of being upset very often, mostly it only happens if you are really hungry or a noise scares you.

Eating: You eat every 3 to 3.5 hours during the day. We will start solids after we get the go from your pedi at your 4 month check up (Jan. 3rd)

Pictures from this month:
We had christmas at home before we left for all of our  christmas traveling. You were so cute and very interested in the noisy wrapping paper.

We didn't get you very much because we knew you didn't know any different and everyone else would spoil you rotten.. and we were right!

Lucy enjoyed digging in her sack!

You even helped mommy open her gift. I am sure next year you will REALLY be helping us!

With Aunt Kris at the lakehouse, this was our first christmas with family.

We also celebrated my birthday. It was special since it was my first birthday as a mommy. Last year, I had just recently found out I was pregnant and kept thinking ahead to this birthday and how special it would be!

Aunt Kris and Uncle Bruce got you this cute Ark from FAO Schwartz with the animals on it. You made us all laugh because you went STRAIGHT for the giraffe. I think it reminded you of Sophie, your teething giraffe! 

Hanging out with Koko

One night Sophie came to bath time with us. You still love your bath so much!

I love this picture because your shirt says "Just like daddy" and that you are.

Before our small group christmas party. 

We spent christmas morning with your cousins in Burleson.  Rich and Bella really love looking at you and it will be SO fun next year when y'all are really playing together!

Your first christmas (and Bella's) was a White Christmas! There was some snow in Burleson but on the 26th we drove to Grammy and Pa's house where there was LOTS of snow!
We had Christmas in Holliday with ALL of your cousins on December 28th. This is all the great-grandchildren with Grandmaw! We had THREE new babies born this year- Bella, Bowen, and you!
The whole Stone family! 
You give us BIG smiles all the time and we love it buddy!

We can't believe what a BIG boy you are! You are really moving around and love to look at just about anything!
You bring us so much joy!
You LOVE to stand up! You constantly lock your legs when people try to hold you!

You are loving tummy time these days. When I put you on your back you quickly roll to your belly and give me a big grin.
You found your toes! Now you constantly try to grab them when we are changing your clothes or your diaper.

Wes Patrick,
I know I say it every month but buddy you are growing SO fast!! Somedays, your Daddy gets home from work and swears you grew that day. I believe it.. some nights when I am putting you in your crib I can't believe how big you feel. We love watching you figure things out and it is so exciting to see you master a new thing. Being your mommy is the best and I loved getting to have a baby this Christmas. It just makes the holidays that much sweeter. Your Daddy and I are really enjoying making you give us those HUGE gummy smiles and also your laughs. You don't laugh too often but when you do we LOVE it! We can't wait to see how you change and grow in the next month. As we start the new year we have SO SO much to thank God for, but you are obviously the BEST blessing HE gave us in 2012.  We love you sweet boy!

Mommy & Daddy

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Jessica and Chris said...

He is so adorable Leslee! We loved getting to meet him and watch all the littles play together. Hopefully next time we can play a little more. Happy New Year! I think 2013 will hold LOTS of wonderful memories for our families! Love y'all!