Friday, January 25, 2013

Dear Wes- 5 months

5 Months Old: January 25, 2013
Length: 26.5 inches (at 4 month check up)
Weight:  15 pounds, 4 ounces(weighed at home)
Head Circumference: n/a
Diapers: Size 2, we are going to have to move to size 3 at night soon..
Clothes: 6 months. or 6-9 months

*"flying" with daddy. You get the biggest gummy smiles
*watching tv (you will roll over to find it once you hear it is on)
*your jumparoo and exersaucer
*bath time (still your favorite)
*standing up (you LOVE to stand!)
*you love to hear mommy & daddy make silly noises

*you LOVE lucy, you love to touch her, and watch her
*your sippy cup, you are REALLY working on getting it in your mouth all by yourself.

New Things: 
*You still roll from your back to your tummy constantly. You have forgotten that you can roll back over.. so you get stuck on your tummy A LOT and you get very upset about it!
*You constantly do this "super man" pose when you are on your tummy
*You now reach for things and put them in your mouth when you are on your tummy
*You EAT! and also drink from a sippy-cup
*On Tuesdays you go to the church nursery for 2.5 hours while mommy goes to bible study.. this was a BIG adjustment for mommy but I know it will be really good for both of us! This week was the first week and you did great.
*You LOVE to play with your crib bumpers.. you will kick, kick, kick to knock them down (they are the mesh breathable bumpers) and then I will go in and pull it all the way back up. If you are tired you give up and go to sleep.. and sometimes you continue to kick it down again. Your energy level AMAZES me... you are going to exhaust your mommy when you start crawling Wes!
*you love to play with my hair, nose, mouth.. pretty much whatever.. while you are nursing. It is funny but also hard to get you to concentrate on eating.
*You now have a blanket that you can sleep with (yay!) it is a little adan+anais blanket called an "izzie" (I think) anyways, its a small security blanket but it is thin (muslin fabric) so you can put it on your face to fall asleep (which you LOVE to do). I am so glad I found it because you absolutely love to rub it on your face as you fall asleep.

Sleep:  You have completely dropped your 4th nap and now take 3 naps a day. They range anywhere from 45 minutes-2 hours. Most are 45 minutes.. if you are REALLY tired you will sleep longer or put yourself back to sleep. You are getting SO MUCH better at putting yourself to sleep for naps without crying. At night you seem happy to get in your crib and put yourself to sleep... naps are a different story. You ARE getting better though and mommy is SO happy about that! You sleep at night from 7:30 pm-7 am. On a good night you wake up once to eat, around 3/4 am. On  a bad night you wake up twice. We have had a lot of GOOD nights lately so I am hoping that continues buddy!! Some mornings you wake up early, around 6 or 6:30 but you will usually entertain yourself in your crib until I come and get you (thanks!)
Crying:  You are still quite the little dramatic boy from last month. MOST of the time if you cry we can distract you by making a silly noise or a funny face and you start to smile and forget about it. You still get scared by loud noises but are much easier to calm down these days. Now, when you are eating you will "whine" if you are done, if we aren't feeding you fast enough OR if you want to try and drink from your sippy cup (You want to hold it by yourself SO bad.. you are persistent--thats for sure!)

Eating: You eat every 3 to 3.5 hours during the day. You have 2 meals with solids, breakfast and dinner. I breastfed you and then about 30 minutes later give you solids. You eat oatmeal mixed with breastmilk. I normally add in a fruit at breakfast and a veggie at dinner, so far you have had : Bananas (LOVE), pears (not so much, peaches (ok), sweet potatoes (LOVE), avocado (ok). I have a baby breeza so I am making all of your baby food.. I am shocked at how easy it really is and it really doesn't taste that bad since it is fresh!

Pictures from this month:
First solid food: rice cereal, a few days later we switched to oatmeal and you like it a lot more!

Rich and Bella came to visit! Aunt Sara ran a half marathon so they came for the weekend.

Bella and you really enjoyed looking at each other
You sit in a highchair.. BIG BOY!!!!

You went to a super hero birthday party! The party favors were masks and cape's. Yours has a big "W" on it.. I know a year from now you are going to love it!

Always rolling to your belly these days

Your swing.. you are a BIG fan, if ya can't tell :)

Most evenings you hang out in the kitchen with mommy while I cook dinner. 

Sweet potatoes.. your favorite food so far!

This month you became very interested in Lucy.  You love to watch her and pet her.

checkin' out your sister. She is such a good big sister.. I know she is ready for when you can throw her the ball :)

5 months.. almost sitting up on your own! 

Eating everything...

You give us the biggest smiles.. I love how funny you think we are :)


silly boy

lovin' that tummy time

eating the sticker.. you were so happy you squealed when I finally let you chew on it.

Wes Patrick,
You are almost half a year old.. that is crazy buddy.  Daddy and I have loved watching you start to eat solid foods this month, it has been so fun. You also are drinking out of a sippy cup when you eat and I can't believe how BIG you look doing that. So often I look at you and see you doing something and am amazed at how grown up you seem. Then, some nights when I am doing the dishes and you are playing with daddy I see you from across the room... and you still look so tiny. It melts my heart when you see me across the room and give me a BIG grin... oh I never knew how special that moment is! You are such a silly boy and you love to figure new things out. Everyday it seems I see you realizing you can do something new.. and you work on it, and work on it, until you figure it out! You are very persistent that is for sure! At your 4 month check up your doctor commented on your energy. He said you were gonna wear your mommy out when you start crawling.. I think that is the truth. Although Daddy says you love to stand so much you might just skip crawling and go straight to walking! Speaking of your Daddy, oh does he love you SO much! When he gets home he holds you and loves on you and it just melts Mommy's heart. When he is off work and he hears you wake up in the morning (Playing in your crib) he JUMPS out of bed and rushes to get you.. even at 7 AM. You are so loved Wes Patrick.  Wes, we love being your mommy and daddy. We can't wait to see what this month brings buddy!

Mommy & Daddy

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