Friday, May 3, 2013

Dear Wes - 8 Months

8 Months Old: April 25, 2013 
Length: 30 inches (measured at home)
Weight:  16 pounds 14 ounces (weighed at home)
Head Circumference:n/a
Diapers: Size 3
Clothes:  6-9 months, or 9 months (pants and pj's)

Likes: (Ok, from now on I am putting new "likes" because you still like most of the old things too!)

*you think it is so silly when we wave "bye-bye" to you.
*you love watching daddy use power tools in the garage. You think they are so funny and you get a really big belly laugh going!
*watching Lucy play frisbee or fetch with the ball
*seeing other babies (you smile, and "talk" to them now)
*cords.. (unfortunately) if you see one, you crawl as fast as you can towards it..
New Things:
*Army crawling, EVERYWHERE. You have gotten very fast and can even follow us from room to room. You get in the "Real crawl" position often but once you start to move you immediately go back down on your legs rather than your knees,
*Pulling up.. you are trying so hard but still need a little help to stand completley. Once you are up you love hanging on to things and you smile so big.
*You are making more noises but still seem to be doing the same sounds : Ba-ba or Da-da. 
*You (FINALLY) will hold your own bottle to feed yourself milk.

You take 2 naps most days. You are finally on a set schedule and I LOVE knowing exactly what times things need to happen:
7:00 am, wake up.. you sometimes stay in your crib until 7:30 or so when you really start moving around
7:30: Breakfast.. usually banana and cheerios and a plain blueberry waffle. You used to LOVE yogurt but currently are not interested in anything I am feeding you.
8:00-10:00: PLAY! (we usually go for a long morning jog/walk from 8:30-9:15)
10:00-10:30: get ready for nap.. I either give you a bottle or nurse you (depending on your mood) and we read a few books.
10:30: I lay you down and within a few minutes (usually) you are sound asleep
You sleep usually until 12. sometimes 11:45 or so, and sometimes 12:30. Depends on how tired you were!
12:30: Lunch (this varies a lot.. Lately, a grilled cheese or chicken nuggets and peas/green beans/sweet potatoes. 
1:00-3:00: This is when we run errands if I need to get out, or if we have lunch plans I usually make them for 12:15. We always try to get back home before 3:15.
3:15- get ready for nap, bottle or nurse and read books
3:30- Nap #2. Depending on how tired you are.. sometimes you sleep an hour and sometimes closer to 1.5 hours. I try to get you up by 5:15 so you will be tired for bedtime. We play until dinnertime when you wake up.
5:45: Daddy gets home, get ready for dinner.
6:00: Dinner. you usually eat what we are having or something similar to your lunch.
6:30-7:30: Play with Daddy.. and sometimes you take a 4 oz bottle during this time if you want it.
7:30:Bath time (you love to spend lots of time playing!)
8:00: Bedtime. Daddy or I put you to bed. I have learned you need a bottle to go to bed because if you nurse you just fall asleep too quickly. You only drink a 4 to 5 oz bottle.. you never drink more than that no matter how hard we try.
*You wake up around 4 or 5 am and I nurse you for around 15 minutes and lay you back down. Sometimes you take a while to go back to sleep but (THANKFULLY!) You are content and quiet until you wake up at 7 am.
Whew. that was a lot to type but I am sure I will be glad to have it to look back on when you have a sibling.

Eating:  You are eating a lot more at mealtimes and not wanting as much milk. I know that "Food is fun until they are one" but it is hard to get you to drink more than 4-5oz in one sitting.. so I am just doing the best I can but you LOVE real food so much. So, you eat 3 solid meals a day and you take 3-4 bottles or times to nurse during the day. You are not into nursing and most of the time I have to pump. I also give you formula if I am going to be gone and someone is keeping you. It has been SO MUCH less stressful on me than worrying about having breast milk for you. 

Pictures from this month:
You had a bad heat rash at the beginning of the month. It was all over the top of your head and under your eye. You had a low grade fever and we just had to keep you cool.

You love to stand up and I know you want to do it on your own SO bad. Your smile makes US smile!

You love to ride on this car or stand behind it and push it (you still need help to do either.)

When I am cooking dinner I can usually keep you entertained with Kitchen Utensils.

We went to Burleson to stay with Aunt Sara (Kathy rode with us) and the kids and Grammy was there too. Lucy kept checking on you in the car.

You and Bella ate each others food. 

First trip to the zoo! (Ft Worth Zoo) You seemed to like it but weren't too interested yet.

Rich LOVES his baby cousin.

I made you a scrambled egg yolk one morning.. it was VERY messy.

You get in the crawl position but often go back to your army crawl to actually move.

You have the hand motion but still army crawl with your legs. You kept eyeing my coffee.. you don't need it because you are FULL of energy but momma gets tired now that you are mobile!

Yeah.. you are a BIG fan of real food AND feeding yourself.

You LOVE to stand up and play on this play table that Bella & Rich gave you!

After we got back home from Burleson you started sucking your thumb (occasionally) not sure if you picked it up from Bella because she sucks her finger.

LOVE this smile. You were laughing at mommy doing a a fake cough. You think it is hilarious.

Reading with Daddy. You are really enjoying books these days. Only if you are sleepy :) Otherwise.. not enough movement involved.

8 Months... I blinked and here we are!

Wes Patrick,
Wow.. yes I am going to say it again.. this month has flown by. You are now mobile and your daddy and I love watching to see what you are motivated to crawl toward. You are very interested in things but also a little cautious. You like to be in whatever room we are in and don't usually crawl to an empty room.  You are starting to talk more and we love to listen to you try to make new sounds. The other day I was whispering to you and you started smiling and whispering back.. it was so sweet. Your smile buddy.. daddy and I love that smile so much. We spend our days making you laugh and we are so sad when we can tell you are not feeling well.  You are a busy little boy and I know that is only going to progress at this point. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that God gave you ALL that energy and he doesn't make mistakes! haha :) For the most part you are not into cuddling but when you get sleepy you sit in the chair with me and we read books and I love those moments. Sometimes you will grab tight to my neck when I am carrying you and I love those moments too. Your daddy loves that feeling and is so ready for you to hang tight and give him a BIG hug. We love being your mommy and daddy and we love getting to see you learn new things, and see the world through your curious, eager eyes. 
Mommy & Daddy

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