Monday, June 10, 2013

Dear Wes- 9 Months

9 Months Old: May 25, 2013 (measurements taken at check up on May 30, 2013)Length: 29.5 inches (89%)Weight:  17 pounds 14.5 ounces (18%)
Head Circumference: 52%
Diapers: Size 3
Clothes: 9 or 12 months. Shorts you are still in 9 months. Most onesies and rompers you are 12 months. PJ's are 9-12 months.


*you love cords or long strings of any kind.. 
*lucy's water and food bowl (I caught you eating a piece of dog food the other day..)
*Wagon rides
*standing up (you still have to hold our hands)
*your blankie.. anytime we hand it to you you start chewing on it and instantly are in a better mood.
*measuring spoons, your new favorite toy.
*watching big kids play. You make all of these noises and clench your fists because you are so excited. You want to be able to run around and play SO bad.
*sitting in the grass. You try to eat it.. but you love the way it feels I think.
*swimming! We have a little pool and you love hanging out in it. If only you would keep on your sun hat..

New Things:
*you crawl everywhere.. you still choose to keep your arms straight but use your legs to push off the ground. You must think it is faster than traditional crawling. Occasionally you crawl the traditional way.
*You are starting to pull up (in crib, on side of bath tub) we lowered your crib mattress last week.
*you are getting better at standing flat footed.. you still initially pull up you your tippy-toes.
*We think maybe you are starting to try and do the sign for "all done" when eating. You smile and laugh when we do it.
*you are going through a shy phase. You don't like when someone grabs you out of mine or daddy's arms. You will initially smile at people and then you always bury your head in my chest. After a few minutes you will warm up to someone and go to them but you get VERY upset if they just grab for you or we hand you to them. 
*you SLEEP ALL NIGHT LONG. woohoo! You don't do it every night.. but you have been sleeping from 
8 pm- 7 am. The trick was we started giving you your bedtime bottle before bath, you drink half, then drink half after. Its the only way we can get you to drink 8 full ounces.

You take 2 naps most days. Your schedule is pretty much the same as last month. You can be awake anywhere from 3.5-4 hours and then you are ready to nap. You have  been sleeping 1 hour and 15 minutes like clock work for your naps.. unless you are super worn out then sometimes we get a 2 hour nap.

Eating:  Well, you officially stopped nursing at the end of 8 months. I tried everything and it was very obvious you wanted NOTHING to do with it. So, I spent a month exclusively pumping. I would try and pump 3 times a day but I was not getting much milk at all. I tried fenugreek and eating more calories.. but still the most I would get in a pump session was 5 ounces. And that was after pumping for 45 minutes. So we were supplementing with a lot of formula. I couldn't decide what I wanted to do and kept changing my mind every day. Last week I decided to stop pumping and just give you formula. It was not my original plan but pumping and chasing you around was a huge challenge.. and you would cry and cry because you wanted me to hold you. I know you had breastmilk for almost 9 months and I am so glad you did, and I know formula isn't "bad" but sometimes it's hard not to feel that way. You LOVE your bottles though and are so happy and really gaining weight. Literally, when I start making you a bottle and I shake it up you SQUEAL out of excitement. So, I think in your situation it's what you needed at this point. Hopefully someday your sibling will love nursing the whole 12 months. You are just way too much of a busy boy!  So, you drink 4 bottles a day that range from 5-6 ounces. Then your bedtime bottle is 8 ounces. If we do a night feeding you drink a 6 ounces bottle. You eat 3 meals a day and usually 2 snacks. You eat basically whatever we are eating and your current favorites are: avocado, bananas, cheese, chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, peas, sweet potatoes.

Pictures from this month: 
You love to eat table food!

Starting to pull up.

One of your favorite things to play with.. Lucy's bowls

finally big enough for the swings at the playground

Giving momma her card on Mother's Day

You love playing outside after dinner

Swinging with momma at the park. Sometimes we go play at the neighborhood park after dinner.

Crawling like a big boy!

We took a weekend trip to the lakehouse, you loved exploring inside the house and playing in your pool outside. You also loved watching Lucy play in the lake. It was still a little cold for us to get in.

You always get the lint roller out of this little basket under our entryway table. You love to roll it around.

You really like riding on your car, but sometimes you just decide to fall off and so we have to watch you closely!

We went swimming at Kathy's a few times this month. One sunday after church Karlee came. Y'all are starting to have lots of fun together!

Daddy found you this truck on the curb! woohoo!

You love to close your bedroom door.

9 months.. such a big boy.

climbing off the chair..

Playing with your sticker.

Checking out that belly button..

melts my heart..

You and your sister, Lucy Goose!

Dear Wes,
It is hard to believe that you have been here with us for just about the time that you were in mommy's tummy.  You are mobile now and exploring everything. It is so cute to watch you when we are in a new place, you love to check everything out. If we are at a friends house and they have toys you can sit and entertain yourself for a long time with all the new things.  You are a very happy little boy and people always ask mommy "is he ever not smiling?" I just laugh.. there are moments when you are not happy and you are VERY quick to let me know! You don't really enjoy riding in the car too much and you basically always just want to be on the MOVE! You are "all boy" as they say.  Your daddy and I love playing with you and watching you figure new things out.  We are quickly approaching your first birthday and in a way its so strange that you haven't even been a part of our family for a year.  It is hard to think back to before you were here!  Your daddy and I are excited to watch you figure even more out and love that you are ours sweet boy.  We love you!
Mommy & Daddy

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