Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dear Wes- 10 Months

10 Months Old: June 25, 2013
 Length: 30 inches (measured at home)
 Weight:  18 pounds 13 ounces (weighed at home)
Head Circumference: n/a
Diapers: Size 3
Clothes: 9 or 12 months. Shorts you are still in 9 months. Most onesies and rompers you are 12 months. PJ's are 9-12 months.


*books, you love to turn the pages
*playing with Lucy 
*your blankie
*mickey mouse clubhouse
*being outside (riding in your car, sitting in the grass, playing with water table) 
*us clapping or cheering at you
*all your toys, getting them out of toy bins
*stacking blocks, knocking them down 
*bath time, playing (NOT getting out of bath and getting PJ's on)

New Things:
*you crawl everywhere.. you are constantly on the move and I have to keep the play room doors closed now or else you are gone in one second. You whine when we are anywhere because you want to just be put on the floor to explore. You love exploring.
*Pulling up.. on everything! You see every object as a way to stand up, it amazes me how strong you are and how quickly you can stand up!
*Sitting back down, the beginning of the month you fell A LOT. Now you understand how to slowly back down instead of just letting go once you are standing.
*Turning pages in books (you love to turn the pages as we read to you)
*Stacking blocks, you need some help but you LOVE stacking and then knocking down!
*scooting, you are just starting to scoot along the couch in the playroom. Sometimes you still let go and crawl, then stand back up.
*you are getting 2 more teeth. Earlier this month you got your two top teeth, and now you are getting the 2 on either side of those. So that makes your teeth count up to 6 (once these two come in!) 

You take 2 naps most days. Your schedule is pretty much the same as last month. You can be awake anywhere from 3.5-4 hours and then you are ready to nap. You sleep anywhere from 45 minutes- 2 hours.. it totally depends on how worn out you are I suppose.
We had some ROUGH sleep for about 2 weeks this month. The past week has been pretty much back to normal (PRAISE JESUS!). You seem to sleep bad every time you have a big developmental leap.. so as soon as you started pulling up all the time I knew it was coming. You figured out how to pull up in your crib and it started... you would wake up 2 or sometimes 3 (yikes..) times a night and just scream. At first, you couldn't really get back down and would fall and bump your head.. so I would go lay you down. Then you started getting those 2 top teeth, so that made for bad sleep too. It was rough. I (of course) wanted to comfort you if you were in pain, but I didn't want to start a bad habit either. I just went with my mommy instinct and rocked you most nights. As soon as the teeth poked through we went back to some sleep training (NO FUN!) But.. to my amazement after a few nights you gave up and started sleeping well again. You still SCREAM right when I lay you down and I leave the room (which breaks my heart) but you get over it pretty fast. We have also noticed you don't get as upset if it is Daddy leaving you.

Eating:  You take 3 to 4 bottles a day. Sometimes one when you wake up (if you didn't wake up at night) then one before nap #1, one before nap #2 and one at bedtime. Occasionally you wake up around 4 or 5 am and have a bottle and THANKFULLY go back to sleep!
You eat 3 meals a day and usually you eat whatever we are eating. You really are not picky and I think you enjoy eating the same things as us. I am trying to be better about giving you snacks. One mid morning and one after your afternoon nap. I started giving you more snack foods: crackers, goldfish, cereal, yogurt bites. So far I think goldfish are your favorite. You also started drinking those pouch things of applesauce, which are nice if we are on the go. You love when it is time for a bottle so I am NOT looking forward to giving that up. I am going to try to start transitioning you to a sippy cup around 11 months, so the countdown is starting.. and mommy is scared.  

Pictures from this month:
We started putting you in these shorts and shirt jammies since it is getting hot, you look so big wearing them!

You prefer to just feed Lucy your food when you are finished instead of signing "all done" so.. we are working on it!

We went to Grammy & Pa's House and you had a lot of fun!


He is one HAPPY Pa!

You crawl all over Lucy these days. She is so sweet to you and I am amazed by how she acts sometimes.

Getting your top teeth. You are about to have a mouth full of 6 teeth. which is crazy to me!

Snack time.. Lucy enjoys this time too because you often make a mess and she gets to clean up!

You LOVE your walker (from your cousin Bella!) you are SUPER fast in it and go all over the house. I put you in it so I can cook dinner and am very thankful you enjoy it.

Making mommy some food. Sometimes when I look in the playroom and see you standing I am amazed with how BIG my baby looks.. it is insane.

You and Lucy really playing together for the first time. You thought it was HILARIOUS.

Father's Day.. we had fun celebrating your daddy. He is the best.

Standing in your crib.. don't worry buddy, mommy was wanting to cry too!

You love to peer out this window, it's funny because Lucy does the same thing.

You are silly, sometimes you do something or make a face at me and all I can think is YOU ARE YOUR DADDY MADE OVER! I love it though :)

Reading books.. you melt your mommy's teacher heart and I love how much you enjoy our reading time before naps and bedtime.

You've had several birthday parties to attend this month. Your daddy and I joke that your social calendar is already busier than ours!

On the move.. always. I know it will be even faster once you figure the walking out. It is a different ballgame these days staying home with you. If you are quiet I am rushing to see what it is you are getting into buddy!

You sat still for about 1 second this month for your pictures.. on the move!

The quickest way to get you to laugh these days is to play Peek-a-boo

You are a little monkey Wes Patrick!

Dear Wes,
This month you have learned so many new things.. seeing you pull up and stand has really made you seem not so much like a baby anymore. Very soon you will be walking and then you really will seem like a BIG boy.  You are still very independent and like to do things your self.  However, you have started to like to snuggle right when you wake up from a nap. If I get you up from a nap and immediately set you down you start crying BIG tears. Then I pick you up and hold you and you snuggle, and it melts my heart. You also will crawl over to us and pull up on our leg for us to hold you when you are tired or hurt yourself. It warms my heart to see you wanting love from us. You still only say "dada" ALL the time but I know "mama" is coming soon and I can't wait to hear that buddy!  This month has been so fun, and I know we are in store for more fun as your first birthday is quickly approaching. I get a little sad when I think about you turning one.. but then again it is exciting to think of all the new things you are going to learn and we can't wait to watch you learn them Wes. It has also been a hard month when you were not sleeping well and we had to let you do some crying. It breaks momma's heart to hear you cry buddy, but deep down I know I am doing what is best for you.  It has been a beautiful reminder of how our Heavenly Father often feels about us I am sure. He hates to watch us stumble but in the end knows we have to figure it out ourselves.  I can't protect you from everything and that is hard, but deep down I know He loves you WAY more than we do!  You are our pride and joy and it is impossible to imagine life without you.  We love you Wes Patrick!

Mommy & Daddy 

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