Monday, March 2, 2009

1 down, 1 to go!

Well, my best friend is now a married woman! I cannot believe Kailey's wedding is over, and it makes our wedding seem a lot sooner now.. ah! Kailey's wedding was beautiful, she looked stunning, Ryan bawled while she walked down the aisle, and it was such a fun reception! I loved getting to share every second with her and can't wait for her to do the same for me!
This weekend I have bridal portraits, and next weekend I have 2 hours in Wichita falls, I am so excited for the next two weekends! Also my bridesmaids dresses came in, and my wedding shoes :) Things are coming together..

Um.. anyone watch the Bachelor? I am in disbelief right now.. pretty sure I would not depend on Jason for anything... def. not a man of his word, haha!

Ok well Lucy wont stop whining.. so I am going to go!

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Jessica and Chris said...

You are now officially doing better about blogging than me... who would have thought :)