Thursday, March 12, 2009

ohh life..

I know, you are thinking "Why is Leslee posting at 2:20 when she is a teacher?" Oh wait.. I am at HOME in BED with STREP THROAT. Let's go back to Tuesday morning during welcome time in my class, when one of my precious (bit of sarcasm at the moment) first graders comes up to me and says "Miss. Stone, I have strep throat but my mom says I have been on medicine for long enough to come to school." I say "Ok"... then I am thinking.. she was here yesterday, she is here today... when did she get on this medicine? Yeah, NOT 24 hours ago. So here I am, in bed. I have not had strep throat in a really long time, like probably since I was in 1st grade.. and it SUCKS. Drew has been a total sweetheart though, he brought me a precious Get Well flower bouquet yesterday while I was at the doctor, and has brought me all my medicines, and ice cream. And I am not going to feel bad about eating a whole pint of ice cream, because it feels amazing to my throat! I am on an antibiotic so hopefully will start feeling better tomorrow...since my first bridal showers are THIS WEEKEND. I WILL be better. I may not have a voice, but I will be there.

And it will actually be 24 hours for me and my antibiotics.. so I wont be giving it to anyone.

On another note, while I am laying here I am thinking about the little my class is getting accomplished with a substitute. It really makes me see how much I care about them, because I am feeling bad that I am in bed and not getting them prepared for a math test I wanted to give them before Spring Break. Now I will have to give it to them after Spring Break, which will make it a lot harder. Oh well! Well, I am off to take another Tylenol with codeine and go back to sleep!


Laura said...

They gave you codiene for strep? How come I never got that?? I hope you feel better soon!

Meghan said...

don't you love how your kids love you so much they share everything with you? some of my girls (who are 18 years of age...) come to my office and room to ask if i can take care of them; i have subjected myself to strep/stomach bugs/mono for the girls i love....i'm glad your kiddos love you and you love them THAT much! miss you!