Monday, March 9, 2009

Marvelous Monday

Ok So I just could not think of a title for today, everyday on announcements at school the kids say "marvelous Monday, terrific Tuesday" get the picture.. so I will start off with that today :)

It actually was a pretty good Monday, I started full responsibility again (I am in completle control of all classroom teacher responsibilities). I have already done this once for 2 weeks, and it went well. I thought today might be crazy since next week is Spring Break, but they were actually pretty good.. almost too good! My supervisor came for the last time (Yesssss!) and I only have 3 weeks left--that is just insane. I had to write a journal thing online about "advice for freshman education majors." ...While I was writing I kind of started to get all emotional for a SPLIT second then thought... Nope, I am so so so ready to graduate! haha :)

I had bridal portraits yesterday, they went so well! It was nice to get to see my dress with the veil, jewlery, etc and see that it all looked well together. Everytime my photographers would show me a picture of myself I would have to do a double-take... it is just so weird to see myself in a wedding dress! My bouquet also was so pretty, I loved it! I did get my dress kiiind of dirty, but my wonderful aunt took it to the cleaners today- whew!

Oh can I also just say that I always HATE when the time changes?! Seriously I am NOT ok with driving to school in the DARK, ugh!

My showers in Wichita Falls/Holliday are this weekend! I cannot believe I am actually going to be the girl OPENING the gifts this time, weird. weird. weird.


Jessica and Chris said...

You were a beautiful bridesmaid and a more beautiful bride!! (I saw some of your bridal pics :) So excited to see you this weekend! Isn't it crazy that it is already your showers.... time flies! Have a great week!

Laura said...

I can't wait to see your pics!! And I wish I could go to your showers! That cute invitation is staying on my fridge though.