Saturday, March 28, 2009


The past two weeks have been pretty crazy so I am going to blame that on my lack of postings!
super quick update:
-we had our showers in wichita falls, they were so great and we had so much fun! we are very, very blessed.
-we spent spring break in houston/ drew's lakehouse... we got a lot of wedding stuff done, and started looking for places to live in Houston! :)
-This past week has been insane, I have a career fair on monday (pray!!) and I only have 8 days of student teaching left.. crazy.
Anyways, the career fair is Monday and I am really hoping to get a job with Clear Creek ISD, it is in Houston, really close to where my aunt Kathy lives, and chad & sara, and Drew's mom! I am very happy to be moving very close to my new niece/nephew! I know I will have to see him/her just about everyday! :) I am sure Lola and Lucy (Lola is Chad& Sara's dog) will be super excited about living close by as well

Drew and I are looking at apartments, we have decided that will be our best choice for now. Lucy stays inside all the time anyways because she DIGS in the yard..yeahhh.
So, if you read this before Monday (March 30) pray for my job fair please! They have 6 schools in their district with job positings for 1st grade positions right now, so I am really praying to get one of those quickly!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

ohh life..

I know, you are thinking "Why is Leslee posting at 2:20 when she is a teacher?" Oh wait.. I am at HOME in BED with STREP THROAT. Let's go back to Tuesday morning during welcome time in my class, when one of my precious (bit of sarcasm at the moment) first graders comes up to me and says "Miss. Stone, I have strep throat but my mom says I have been on medicine for long enough to come to school." I say "Ok"... then I am thinking.. she was here yesterday, she is here today... when did she get on this medicine? Yeah, NOT 24 hours ago. So here I am, in bed. I have not had strep throat in a really long time, like probably since I was in 1st grade.. and it SUCKS. Drew has been a total sweetheart though, he brought me a precious Get Well flower bouquet yesterday while I was at the doctor, and has brought me all my medicines, and ice cream. And I am not going to feel bad about eating a whole pint of ice cream, because it feels amazing to my throat! I am on an antibiotic so hopefully will start feeling better tomorrow...since my first bridal showers are THIS WEEKEND. I WILL be better. I may not have a voice, but I will be there.

And it will actually be 24 hours for me and my antibiotics.. so I wont be giving it to anyone.

On another note, while I am laying here I am thinking about the little my class is getting accomplished with a substitute. It really makes me see how much I care about them, because I am feeling bad that I am in bed and not getting them prepared for a math test I wanted to give them before Spring Break. Now I will have to give it to them after Spring Break, which will make it a lot harder. Oh well! Well, I am off to take another Tylenol with codeine and go back to sleep!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Marvelous Monday

Ok So I just could not think of a title for today, everyday on announcements at school the kids say "marvelous Monday, terrific Tuesday" get the picture.. so I will start off with that today :)

It actually was a pretty good Monday, I started full responsibility again (I am in completle control of all classroom teacher responsibilities). I have already done this once for 2 weeks, and it went well. I thought today might be crazy since next week is Spring Break, but they were actually pretty good.. almost too good! My supervisor came for the last time (Yesssss!) and I only have 3 weeks left--that is just insane. I had to write a journal thing online about "advice for freshman education majors." ...While I was writing I kind of started to get all emotional for a SPLIT second then thought... Nope, I am so so so ready to graduate! haha :)

I had bridal portraits yesterday, they went so well! It was nice to get to see my dress with the veil, jewlery, etc and see that it all looked well together. Everytime my photographers would show me a picture of myself I would have to do a double-take... it is just so weird to see myself in a wedding dress! My bouquet also was so pretty, I loved it! I did get my dress kiiind of dirty, but my wonderful aunt took it to the cleaners today- whew!

Oh can I also just say that I always HATE when the time changes?! Seriously I am NOT ok with driving to school in the DARK, ugh!

My showers in Wichita Falls/Holliday are this weekend! I cannot believe I am actually going to be the girl OPENING the gifts this time, weird. weird. weird.

Monday, March 2, 2009

1 down, 1 to go!

Well, my best friend is now a married woman! I cannot believe Kailey's wedding is over, and it makes our wedding seem a lot sooner now.. ah! Kailey's wedding was beautiful, she looked stunning, Ryan bawled while she walked down the aisle, and it was such a fun reception! I loved getting to share every second with her and can't wait for her to do the same for me!
This weekend I have bridal portraits, and next weekend I have 2 hours in Wichita falls, I am so excited for the next two weekends! Also my bridesmaids dresses came in, and my wedding shoes :) Things are coming together..

Um.. anyone watch the Bachelor? I am in disbelief right now.. pretty sure I would not depend on Jason for anything... def. not a man of his word, haha!

Ok well Lucy wont stop whining.. so I am going to go!