Wednesday, January 20, 2010

..3 months?!

Wow, I am not good at blogging. I really didn't realize it had been 3 months. I still read other blogs, but by the time I finish that I never have time to write... and I know I just have so many people anxiously waiting to hear what is going on with the Pennywells... haha.

Anyways, where to begin...
Our first Christmas as a married couple was great! Minus the fact that we got stuck in a blizzard for 20 hours and Lucy was sick for about 2 weeks.. haha. She started throwing up when we were (finally) almost to Holliday. We had about an hour left (only like 20 miles..but an hour in the snow) and she kept throwing up...into Sara's shirt. I thought it was Drew's but Sara had taken off her flannel shirt earlier and just had on a short sleeve shirt.. and after about the third time I realized it was Sara's.. she was understanding though :) The blizzard was not fun, but we were so thankful to be together (with Chad & Sara, and Rich, and Lola, and Cody!)

Things with my class are going great. I currently have 15 students and no HUGE problems. I can't believe we are on our second semester. I have gotten so close to them and cannot imagine having another class. I love having the same class all day because we just know each other so well. I have some very sweet kids in my class and some VERY memorable personalities! One of my favorite things about 1st Grade is the amazing progress kids make as readers. I love the joy that lights up on their faces when they realize they can now read a book from our classroom library that used to be so hard! Some days are exhausting and I am out of patience by the end of the day.. but honestly I can't imagine not doing this everyday. I would miss it too much. It is certainly such a rewarding job!

Drew's job is not as interesting... haha! Sometimes I get a bit envious that he spends most of his day sitting at a desk... but every job has its perks, huh?

I am going to try to start writing on here more, at least to be able to look back and remember some cute moments with my students. Here are a few off the top of my head:

-One of my team members (who teachers a bilingual class) came in to ask me about a note we were sending home about an upcoming field trip. After she left one of my students seemed very worried and said "WAIT Mrs. Pennywell... what language is OUR note going to be in??? Because at my house we only speak ENGLISH."

-One of my students started crying yesterday when I was having them get their backpacks... I asked her why and she replied "But we havn't gone to lunch yet.." We had gone to lunch... we had just had a bit of a different afternoon schedule. First Graders are very stuck on their routine :)

-I had a teacher from another school observing me one day, she just wanted some idea of what to expect of First Graders since she is new to the grade.. as I am greeting my students K. says : "WOW, Mrs. Pennywell you look so beautiful today!" I think the other teacher thought that I had asked her to say this or something, it was funny and a bit awkward.

-I recieved a poem the other day that says "Mrs.Pennywell, I will always carry your smile with me in my heart." I am still thinking she heard this somewhere.. haha

Goodness, there are so many more I am thinking of but I am tired of typing,
way to go if you actually read all of this! Somebody hold me accountable to posting more..


Lauren said...

omg I love love love the quote about your smile in her heart. so adorable. now get on blogging, if I teach 1st grade and can do it, so can you! : )

Mercynursey said...

Love your posts! Your classroom stories are great.