Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bump Update- Weeks 13-16

October 2, 2013
16 weeks 3 days


nausea/ morning sickness: This is pretty much gone but this pregnancy has made me GAG all the time. I thought that would go away after the first trimester but no.. I am still gaging when I smell something bad, brush my teeth, etc.  It is super weird because I NEVER did this before I was pregnant. And I didn't do it with my first pregnancy. I am hoping it passes after this baby is born.
tired: Well, I was really starting to get my energy back in Weeks 14 & 15.. then last Friday I caught a horrible stomach bug .. I ended up in the ER saturday night because I was dehydrated. This really wore me out and I am feeling pretty sleepy again. Hopefully I get my energy back soon.
hungry : Well, obviously the stomach virus took away my appetite but it is (Slowly) Returning. I am still a little cautious about what I eat and upsetting my stomach.
emotional: Oh goodness... I cry at the drop of a hat. Not like sobbing, just little tears streaming down my face. It is quite ridiculous. haha :)

Not so many cravings (especially not "fun" ones) Since I had a tummy bug. But,
Crushed Ice (I could eat sonic ice ALL DAY LONG)
Gatorade (Glacier Freeze, its light blue, and delicious)
Yesterday I craved Green Bean Casserole.. so we had that with our dinner :)

Best Moment:
Really feeling those little baby flutters this week (Week 16) From what I can remember, this baby moves a lot more than Wes did!  Mostly I feel it at night when I lay down. It is just the coolest feeling.
Hearing that sweet heartbeat at the ER. I knew that my tummy bug shouldn't affect baby but I was feeling so terrible (and rather emotional) and I just lost it when the nurse (finally) found that heart beat with the doppler. There really is no sweeter sound.

Looking Forward to:
13 days people, 13. Pink or Blue? I can hardly stand it.
Our sonogram is at 1:30, afterwards I will take the envelope to Drew's cousin, Nicole. She will go get a box filled with pink or blue balloons. Then, we will meet her for pictures (She is a photographer), this is when we will find out if Wes is getting a baby brother or a baby sister. I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it.
Yeah, I will need some MAJOR waterproof mascara for that day.
Either way, this pregnancy is going by fast and I am super excited to meet Wes' sibling. I keep wondering if they will look alike, if I will have another baby with that sweet, light blonde hair.. or maybe a red head.. only time will tell!

Bump Picture, week 16: 

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