Thursday, June 25, 2009

Junie B. Jones

Junie B. Jones is a character made up by the amazing author Barbara Park! She has 26 books about Junie B. and they take place with her in Kindergarten and 1st grade. I L-O-V-E reading these books a loud to my students, and they love them too! They are short chapter books, I can read one in about 30 minutes, and even love just sitting down and reading one! I must give you an excerpt so you can understand how funny they are, then I think you should stop by half-price books and pick a few up yourself, hey they are only 1.98! :)
This is from Junie B. Jones is Captain Field Day.. I can't say its my favorite because I really don't have a favorite.. although I like the ones were she is in 1st grade more, ya know since I teach 1st grade!
"This morning I woke up very excited! 'Cause today we are having kindergarten Field Day at my school, that's why! I couldn't stop shouting that happy news! ' Field Day! Today is Field Day!' I shouted to my dog named Tickle. Then I quick ran to my baby brother's room. He was sleeping in his crib. 'Field Day! Today is Field Day!' I screamed to baby Ollie. He woke up very fast. Then he started screaming his whole entire head off. Mother came running right in there. 'Junie B. Jones! For goodness sake what has gotten into you this morning?' I looked at that woman real curious. 'Field Day' I said. 'Field day has gotten into me, Mother. How could you even forget this important occasion?'

So there is a bit of Junie B. Jones.. I honestly find myself cracking up when I am reading these books aloud to my students! :)

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Casey/Amie Stone said...

Love It!! Kayleigh has several of these books! She will bea able to pass them on to Emily!