Thursday, June 4, 2009


I still cannot believe it is June 3 and May 23 is over! Drew and I are constantly saying to each other "Can you believe the wedding is over?!" That was the best day of our lives! The ceremony was more amazing than I could have ever imagined! SO many people came up to us at the reception and were so genuinely touched by the ceremony, it was the neatest thing. And the reception was so much fun! We just feel so blessed to have such amazing families and friends, so so blessed. Then we were off to Maui! We had a blast in Hawaii and spent a lot of time hanging out on the beach, in the beautiful water, and just driving around! We had a jeep for the week so that was nice to just be able to go places. We went on a dinner cruise one night, a luau one night (our favorite!) and drove up to Hana. Hana is a town reaaaallly high in the mountains of Maui, as your driving you stop at different state parks along the way. Some have black sand beaches, some have red sand beaches, and basically you feel like you are driving through a postcard! I will post pictures soon but am currently borrowing internet from someone living nearby! We just got home on Monday and Drew started work on Tuesday! So he has been so busy and tired. We hope to get a lot done this weekend at our apartment :) Lucy is very happy we are home.. although I will say she is a litttle upset with Drew. haha! She def. is not used to her dad being around all the time, and I think she is a bit jealous of him! She will get used to it though :) Well, I need to go un-pack and write more thank-you cards :) Anyone know how to make my picture smaller at the top?


Casey/Amie Stone said...

Glad you are home! Love the wedding pictures they are all so good! Hope the new job is going well!

Laura said...

Yay I'm so glad you updated Pennywell! I can't wait to see Honeymoon pics