Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Home!

Well I thought I would add some pictures of our Apartment :) It is still a work in progress, and I am waiting to hang a lot of stuff until we get our wedding pictures, but here is a bit of it!

This first picture is in our bedroom, it is hard to get whole room shots with a camera I figured out, so here is part of it! haha!

Obviously, this is the other part of our bedroom, to the left is a built in desk (not pictured) that is my desk, and to the right are the doors to our closet(which is huge-thank goodness!) and the entrance into our bathroom (which is very big too and has a double vanity--yay! not sharing, haha!)
obviously, this is our kitchen! the kitchen, dining room and living room are pretty much one great room, which I love!

And last here in the living room, this is the view when you walk in the door!
So that is our home, oh I did not include the study because it is still a mess.. and the bathroom is kind of boring so I left that out too, haha!

I am off to go swimming with Sara (my sister in law) in hopes of wearing Lucy out!


Laura said...

Love it! But where's the bean jar? ;-)

Sara Stone said...

Awww! Your house looks cute! Lola is exhausted from trying to drown your dog! lol We love ya'll!

Sweetness and Smiles said...

Hey!!! That mirror!!! Where'd you get it hotstuff???!! I'm hoping i didnt pay more for it at an auction than what its really costing...:)

Ivan said...

I love your home, it looks very beautiful! The sofa looks sooo comfy!!

Kailey said...

this is so weird that y'all have a home! I can not wait to see it in person because the pictures don't suffice!