Monday, July 20, 2009

Mutt Monday!

Lucy is not only the star of Mutt Monday today..she was the star the entire weekend. She got LOTS of attention because she kept getting SICK! We were at my aunt's bay house in Galveston and on Saturday morning she puked about 5 times. She would not eat anything, not turkey, ice, sprite, dog food, rice...we tried everything! Well actually my aunt gave her a bit of mint choc. chip ice cream and she ate that..but I felt it would not help the situation! haha! Finally Saturday afternoon she was keeping food down and acting like nothing happend, whew! ... NOT. Saturday around 2 am my mom comes to wake me up (she likes to sleep with her grammy and pop when they are here!) She said lucy would not stop itching.. and her face was swollen. Lucy looked like a pit bull, it was SO weird. Unfortunatly I did not get a picture, at the moment I was too worried! We gave her LOTS of benedryl.. actually she is still getting some! Her face is finally back to normal today, but she is still pretty itchy. I have no clue what she could of gotten into, she was inside so if something bit her it would of had to been inside. It was a busy weekend taking care of my sweet goose, I am so glad she seems to feeling much better! I cannot imagine what its like when you have sick kids, although the ONLY benefit will be when they are old enough to TELL you what hurts and how much, haha Lucy will never be able to do that!

Here is a picture that has nothing to do with the post except that its of Lucy, her with one of her dad's (many) bikes. She loves chasing her dad on his bikes and watching him work on them!


Amanda Fouts said...

awwww poor baby girl!!!! The same thing happened to Molly 3 times last summer....we still have no idea what it was!! I am so glad that she is feeling better!!!

Sara Stone said...

Poor Goose! We will be waiting and wishing for the best. Mostly that you can even find out WHAT is wrong!