Monday, July 6, 2009

Clearance Puppy- Mutt Monday!

f you have seen the movie "Marley&Me" you might remember that Marley was a "clearance puppy!" When they went to pick him out the lady offered to give him at a cheaper price, which is kind of like our sweet girl Lucy :) My boss had Lucy's brother, Major, I went to play with him one day and found out there was ONE LEFT! anddd it was a GIRL! I knew it was meant to be! Drew and I drove to Katy to "look at her" (haha) and of course fell in love with Lucy! She was chunky, had that sweet puppy breath, and already practically potty trained, oh and on clearence too! We still do not know why no one wanted Lucy (actually they had named her "Helga".. no thanks!) She is such a good dog, and was so calm as a puppy. Oh well, we are very happy with our clearence puppy, today I am going to post some pictures of Lucy when she was MUCH smaller!

this was taken the 2nd day we had her, she slept ALL THE TIME... wait.. she pretty much does now too...

this picture shows how small she was, she loved to chew on my hands.. which was not that great since she had SHARP puppy teeth!

This was taken after we had Lucy for around 3 weeks, I am not sure why they both made a terrified face, but I thought it was pretty funny!
Well, I hope you enjoy Mutt Monday today! Head on over to to play along! I am off to sort out stuff for my classroom becasue guess what... I GET THE KEY TOMORROW! whew, the craziness is about to begin!


Laura said...

Awww I remember those days! Lucy was so cute, but now she's a beautiful woman....Disco's so lucky to have her as a girlfriend. Also, I didn't know her original name was Helga...I can't believe you didn't keep it! Haha jk. Yayy for getting your key tomorrow!

Sara Stone said...

Lola was a clearance puppy too! I guess they just save the best for last! Btw she said she had a great time playing with Lucy this weekend